Automated Income Sponsored Retirement Plans 2016

With the Uncertainty Surrounding Social Security
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A small number of Americans are retiring with an almost secret retirement plan and the US Congress bans it’s promotion by the companies that issue them… and they are available to every American no matter where you work or even if you don’t work!

But the plans enable Americans to potentially collect over $12,000 a month in income that’s sponsored completely by Fortune 500 companies and you don’t have to work for one to participate. Sponsored Retirement Plans are beating Social Security by as much as 10X.

And unlike common  retirement plans like 401(k)s or IRAs, SRPs are ideally suited for people who want to start with just a few bucks. You can start your SRP with as few as $10, $50, $100, or $400 dollars.

Watch a short video with real-life stories of people just like you that have built $100,000 to $800,000 portfolios through the use of SRPs and how to get your own plan started today,

Sponsored Retirement Plans

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a select group of Americans are retiring with a little-known retirement plan that censored by Congress yet this plan enables Americans to potentially collect anywhere between 1166 dollars and twelve thousand one hundred and sixty dollars in monthly income that sponsored entirely by large-cap American companies consider the case of hayford hatreds plans come from the who’s who of rich companies like coca-cola General Electric johnson johnson and philip morris by 1995 hayford was collecting an income of about 1166 dollars a month but that was just for starters within 16 years hayford was collecting income of 73 thousand dollars a year that 6080 three dollars a month but he’s not the only one catching it Carla said her mother built a 65,000 dollar portfolio simply by collecting a few hundred dollars a month from the sponsored retirement plan or srp of bristol-myers for Americans and retirement or getting close to it and SRP is a dream come true because the great thing about your SRP is that you could withdraw your money anytime from the plant there no age or income Maxim’s unlike other plans like Social Security these secret sponsored plans are trumping social security by up to 10 times in fact if most people knew about SRP’s Social Security wouldn’t be needed to supplement retirement income and here’s something else unlike mainstream retirement plans like 401 k’s or IRAs SRP’s are ideal for folks who want to start with very little money in short you could begin your srp with as little as ten fifty a hundred or four hundred dollars it’s really up to you in fact you’ll see we’re life accounts here folks who started with less than three hundred dollars and built hundred-thousand-dollar portfolios thanks to these SRP’s most people like you haven’t heard about SRP’s for one simple reason while these plans are completely legal that companies that sponsor these plans are forbidden to advertise them to the public according to The Wall Street Journal the Securities and Exchange Commission rules won’t let them say much about this fabulous way of saving and building wealth except to individuals who hold these accounts stockbrokers are eager to have these plants outlawed so they won’t be legal in America and that simply because Commission hungry brokers and money managers don’t make money when you open one of these plants but until the government comes around shutting down the sponsor plans you could legally begin an srp today and potentially start collecting money from it every month don’t believe me well here’s some folks across America who made fortunes by collecting a few thousand dollars each month from these plans according to chicago tribune grace took advantage of the srp at abbott laboratories and begin with a tiny 180 dollars to date her account has grown to well over 270,000 dollars the daily mail reported how cat lived a modest life in simsbury connecticut yet she amassed more than 1 million dollars from SRP’s according to Los Angeles Times Agnes never had a real job but she made over 500 thousand dollars by starting an srp with Kellogg’s sponsored retirement plans have been making more cash richer Terry’s out of everyday Americans in any other retirement idea we’ve researched and the great thing is that over 1,100 company sponsor these retirement plans i’m talking about big cash rich money making machines like johnson Johnson Procter & Gamble mcdonalds Altria chevron caterpillar exxonmobil general mills coca-cola and more sure many people buy these stocks by options on these companies are want to collect regular dividend and from these companies but 99% of the investing public may not have any idea these companies offer illegal retirement plan that produces steady income for non-employees what’s unique about SRP’s is that you could potentially have several plans with different companies and significantly increase your pay outs and it’s simple to get started in a moment I’ll show you how these SRP’s got started in which companies are offering them most importantly I’ll show you how you can get started with these SRP is right now my name is George Leon for months now I’ve been digging deep researching and finding out everything there is to know about sponsored retirement plans investment research is my beat I’ve spent the last two decades in the financial trenches first as a financial analyst a large financial information company and now is a senior analyst at Lombardi financial one of the largest independent financial publishing firms in the country Lombardi my job is to find research safe income ideas most investors have never heard of and I can assure you in all my years of researching and analyzing the financial markets I’ve never seen an investment as secretive as SRP’s the eerie thing about SRP’s is how big corporations are able to keep quiet about them during the Internet age if you even mention the word sponsored retirement plan to your broker he might try to talk you out of it and that’s simply because these off the radar retirement plans cut out the fees often paid to stockbrokers and money managers these plans that you avoid the broker fees as CNN Money in short with these plans Americans no longer need traditional brokers to invest just consider the case of and from New York she worked as an IRS auditor for 23 years but had very little save for retirement like most working-class americans and resolved never to rely on anyone else for her own financial future and that’s when she discovered the world of SRP’s using a five-thousand-dollar lump-sum she saved and dumped into the SRP’s of brand name companies like coca-cola Pepsi Co and bristol-myers from New York home and turned a modest five-thousand-dollar investment into more than a million dollars enough to let her live well sleep well and enjoyed life even New York Times documented her story if your entire meant are you thinking of retirement ahead then I believe SRP’s are your ticket to the life you always wanted you can choose from over a thousand plans are quietly and legally available from sponsor companies around the country let me show you how SRP’s got started and why there’s such a secret during the turn of the 20th century many large cap American companies allowed employees to purchase shares in the companies they work for at a discount through what we call a sponsored retirement plan SRP’s were first offered as a perfect only two top executives and then later they filtered down to other employees the government also decided to allow Americans to buy shares directly from these companies in order to raise more capital through sponsored plants in return these companies would offer to pay a special form of dividends different from a regular common share dividend that often multiplied into higher figures potentially every quarter under this plan there’s no need for brokers no wall street and no stock exchanges to deal with no other investment plan I know allows you to start out small and potentially accumulate thousands of dollars in savings even if you don’t invest another penny and i’ll show you exactly how a moment hence you can see why i say these plans could help make traditional retirement plans like 401 KS and IRAs and even social security obsolete personally I believe SRP’s are the greatest retirement plans ever created with some Americans potentially getting as much as a hundred thousand dollars less than they paid into Social Security during their working career in the lackluster returns of 401 KS and cds today it’s no wonder so many folks are turning to sponsored retirement plans and unlike most other retirement ideas SRP’s remains solid regardless of how bad the economy is these plans turnout returns even if the stock price of the company sponsoring your plan plummets here’s a good example it has to do with a gentleman named Joshua who owned a sponsor plan from US bank or he started the plan with 2865 dollars and forty-five cents which bought him a hundred and five shares in US bank or thanks to the plan without adding any more money into it Joshua quickly saw the number of US bank or shares he owned rise to a hundred and twenty 4.3 that’s nearly 20 shares more than he originally purchased but then came the stock market crash in 2008 november nineteenth 2008 US bank or stock fell to $23 and 62 set yet in spite of a stock price drop of thirteen percent Joshua’s sponsored retirement plan actually showed a gain on the investment Joshua sponsor playing gained over eighteen percent value in four and a half years while the broader market tanked around the same time that’s because when the stock crashed the sponsor plan bought more shares on the cheap automatically we’ve seen the dot-com bubble the September 11 market crash the real estate bubble the market crash of 2008 in two wars waged by American the Middle East and yet SRP’s keep chugging along under the radar silently creating millionaires out of everyday Americans it’s no wonder jeremy siegel the same investor and finance professor Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania called sponsored retirement plans the bear market protector and return accelerator now you can see why brokers don’t like SRP’s because they totally cut them out of the equation that’s why i quote you will hear about the secret from brokers as the wall street journal puts it i’ve been researching SRP’s the last few months unearthing real gems in this little-known court the financial market my goal here is to show you how to take advantage of SRP’s and begin your own plan to help you achieve the worryfree retirement you want but you need to start immediately while these stellar sponsor plants are still legal you can access all the details in my hot off the press research report called sponsored retirement plans the millionaires secret income I’ve sifted through hundreds of companies and isolated what I believe are the best three bang for your buck sr piece that you could add your portfolio right now to grow your retirement account in my report you’ll get full details on sponsored retirement plan number one your first plan is sponsored by cash-rich company based in Virginia that paid higher annual dividends for 45 consecutive years in fact it paid 2.9 billion dollars in the last nine months and recently announced that it will increase its dividend by eight point three percent a major driver for it sponsored plants no surprises company will spend a billion dollars buying its own shares sponsored retirement plan number two and with this plan sponsored by a leading global consumer products company has paid uninterruptedly David ends since 1895 and increased payments every year for 51 years but the great thing is that this company recently announced an increase to its cash dividends by 6% a boost for its sponsor plants and another great thing is that you can start your sponsor plan with just one share in this company immediately sponsored retirement plan number three this company is a global brand in more than a hundred and seventy five countries and generates over three billion dollars in cash flows from its operations with 41 straight years of dividend increases this company join the elite ranks of the dividend aristocrats a few dozen companies that have 25-year track records of annual increases in their payouts this company sponsors one of the best retirement plans of my opinion i put over a hundred hours into researching and writing this report my publishers valued it at a hundred and ninety five dollars a mere fraction of the income the sponsor plans could generate remember that guys like hayford collect 6080 three dollars a month but you won’t be charged a penny for my research report sponsored retirement plans The Millionaire secret income it’s yours free of charge all I ask in return is that you take a look at my investment advisory newsletter automated income automated income is about providing income starved investors with investment ideas that provide both capital appreciation and high dividend yields so you have steady cash flow regardless of what happens the economy with the Fed does with interest rates investment ideas they can help you make up for lost time if your portfolio has yet to recover from the credit crisis you’ll get stock picks with a long history of providing consistent dividends and increasing their annual yields a focus on fundamentally solid companies they keep increasing their dividend yields so you keep getting richer yearly an automated income my sole responsibility is to give you the most lucrative rising income place with the lowest risk possible many Americans are struggling to attain a comfortable retirement three of the stress of where will the money be coming from a study from the center for american progress says that while many are already struggling to save enough for retirement you’re being further held back by investment fund costs as crazy as it sounds if you have a 401k you’ll likely be paying total fees that range between 70,000 and ninety six thousand dollars during the life of the plant and given the low interest rate environment of today I doubt you’ll be able to rely on fixed-income investments like bonds treasuries or cds for retirement I’m a firm believer that you can’t rely on the government or in social security to get you through retirement you need to take care of yourself and that’s why i started automated income through automated income I’ve been showing my readers ways to supplement their income through a select group of companies with a long history of providing consistent dividends and increasing their annual yields it’s all about securing a steady secure in rising income stream that you can rely on during retirement but nothing I’ve done in the past tops my latest research on sponsored retirement plans because this is the only investment i know of that’s minting wealthy retirees out of everyday folks who want to get involved in these plans with very little money and that’s why i want to send you my report sponsored retirement plans The Millionaire secret income absolutely free of charge in return all i ask is for you to try automated income you’re really trying automated income to see if it’s right for you when your trial membership is activated you get 6 issues of automated income and that’s six months of service each issue is packed with my safest money making ideas to maximize your income you get full access to past issues besides our sponsor retirement portfolio you’ll have access to other dividend income place for your portfolio you can take full advantage of those at your liberty and action alert emails these quick emails are designed to help you take action the minute something comes up to i believe will affect your portfolio again to potentially maximize your profits if you’ve got any questions we have a support staff of 30 people to deal with any queries you may have now one full year of automated income is regularly 295 dollars a year in light of the current retirement crisis taking place in America we know every dollar counts these days and that’s why my publisher is willing to make you a one-time offer you can’t refuse all I ask you to test-drive automated income and everything I’ve mentioned in this presentation is ten dollars for just ten dollars i’ll start a six-month subscription to automated income for you I’ll rush your most current issue of automated income and the special investor research report sponsored retirement plans the millionaires secret income if sold separately report and a current issue of automated income would cost over two hundred dollars but as I said through this one-time offer all you pay now is just ten dollars take 30 days to review your first issue of automated income and your special report if within those 30 days you decide you don’t want to continue with automated income just call or email us to cancel and that will be it you keep your issue of automated income and your free report sponsored retirement plans The Millionaire secret income and all you would have rest is ten dollars now if I don’t hear from you within that 30-day window i’ll go ahead and charge your credit card eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents to cover the discounted balance of your six-month subscription to automated income it can’t be fairer than that make the right decision today to ensure your retirement days are golden I like for you to begin today take control of your retirement and build a solid portfolio by retirement time i’m confident that sponsored retirement plans are the right tool to help you earn steady income every month for as long as you live it would be wrong to give you an exact figure of how much you could collect that would solely depend on how much you begin your plan with but the way I see it one thing is certain you have to begin your plan now while it’s still legal to enroll in SRP’s all you have to do is click the click here now to order button below it will take you to our secure order page we can review everything I’ve just said before you order so don’t waste another minute your retirement and income depends on your actions today thank you for listening