Self Defense

Bipasha Basu launch kar rahi hai ‘Self-Defense Centre’…

Bipasha Basu who is known for her great body and fitness is soon to launch ‘Self-Defense Training Center’ under name. Few years back Basu made the announcement to do the same dedicated to specially women.
Bipasha will launch these training centers in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta and now a days she’s all busy to get them started as per scheduled plan of 2019 end. If reports are to believed, these centers will give a mix training on martial arts and karate and at the end of each session Bipasha will conduct one special class by herself.
Basu confirmed this news and stated – ‘She got the idea of opening training centers for the love she has for fitness. She also feel the way the crime rate has shooted up its important for women to know self defense. And in today’s era its not important to focus on health alone, but also learn know how of self defense. She lastly, wishes that women take full advantage of these centers’.