If you need to raise funds for just about any reason, we may be able to help.

Here are a few examples of successful fund raising campaigns as of 12/2012:

1. Love and Support for a special family - On November 13th a family was forever changed. A life was taken way to soon leaving 2 little girls without a Dad and a beautiful woman without her love. The funds were raised by a friend to help with the financial burdens caused by the death of the father. Goal - $500 Raised - Over $1,250 - 252% of Goal.

2. Save Our Friend - A disabled woman had her life savings stolen. She may lose her home. Disabled Woman with Recently Hospitalized Son Has Had Her Life's Saving's Stolen. Funds are being raised by a friend to help with expenses. Goal - $5,000 Raised - $4,000 with 11 days to go.

3. Jean & Nathan Fund - Jean is raising her grandson because his parents are addicted to heroin. She is about to lose her home. She works but needs money for childcare to keep him. Funds are being raised by Jean. Goal - $30,000 Raised - $10,258 with 26 days to go.

4. Bo's Battle - Parvovirus Rescue Puppy - Help rescue my rescue puppy's life in his battle against Parvovirus. Funds are being raised by Bo's new owner. Goal $1,500 - Raised - $775 with 59 days to go.

5. George Le Couteur - George is recovering nicely from major shoulder surgery.Now we are raising funds to pay the final doctor's fees and rehabilitation to get him back on his feet. Funds are being raised by George and his friends. Goal $3,500 - Raised - $4,724 with 18 days to go.

6. Help Marilyn Millas Rutkowski - Marilyn contracted necrotizing fasciitis. To control the NF, she had to undergo multiple surgeries and skin grafts. Now she needs your help to pay her bills. Funds are being raised by Marilyn's friends. Goal $10,000 - Raised - $4,035 with 118 days to go.

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Please note the following: Not all fund raising campaigns are successful. If we agree to help you set up and run your campaign we will charge you a $50 refundable set up fee. If your campaign does not raise at least $100 we will refund 100% of the set up fee. We use an international crowd funding venue to host your fund raiser. The venue charges, plus PayPal or Credit Card fees, amount to about 9% of total donations. We do not charge any additional fees regardless how much your campaign raises.

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