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LOCiMOBILE for Kids over 10 Years

My name is Amy, I am a mom of, two girls 11 & 13 and my son who is 9. If I could tell you how much I love the iLOCi2 App. It has changed my life. I don't let my kids roam the malls, go to City Walk or The Grove. Call me over protective but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

With this simple iPhone app I know where they are at all times. Mostly with me and all their friends, but when I let my 13 year old go to Laser Tag last week with her girlfriend and her older sister (16) and my daughter was iLOCi2 ing me - it was very cute. As I said before - it's the best app for My PEACE OF MIND. I can now get the "I wish i could microchip my kid" out of my thinking.

We were all 13 once and I know what I was doing. I am blessed to have the relationship I have with all 3 of my kids. To their friends I'm "The Cool Mom", little do they know I could write the book on what not to do as a tween.

Amy J from LA
The most over protective mom
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Killer app for kid-checks, way better than the others.
by Neil

This is exactly what I've been hoping for it to check on my teenagers without the hassle of phone calls and texts. They like it better too, because their friends don't know they're responding to a "parent check". Win-win all around.

iLoci is way better then Loopt because Loopt has to run in the foreground -- what a problem -- and iLOCi2 runs in the background PLUS Loopt has no privacy -- everyone on your list sees where you are all the time. iLOCi2 is opt-in for every time you send someone a request, so only the people you want to see you can see you.

It's already changed how my family interacts. We're on vacation and it's made the kid-wrangling WAY easier and more accurate (since they can't "fib" about where they are like they could on the phone or text). In fact, my family has switched to iPhones mainly because of this app. Truly a must-have for parents.


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by Leslie on 8/26/09
Not ONLY does this app help me find my friends so easily, but I "LOCi'd" myself after I'd parked my car and lo and behold I had a pinpoint to get back to! SO USEFUL!

by Sajay on 8/25/09
This product is like a mircle come true. I bought it for my parents because they are new to this country. I follow where they are just through this amazing app. I Highly recommend this to all your family and friends.