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Kamala Harris: “I Own A Gun For… Personal Safety”

The Washington Post’s Matt Viser offered the 2020 Democrat area a little boost with Republicans on the fencing concerning Donald Trump by revealing how numerous of them were gun owners too. Not NRA participants, for goodness purpose– that’s a terrorist organization that requires to be “taken down” according to her close friend Cory Booker– yet obedient weapon proprietors, also if some of the weapons were inoperable vintages.– The Washington Times @WashTimes: “2020 Democrat Kamala Harris: ‘I am a gun proprietor … for personal security‘”– Tim Mendoza @RealTimDMendoza: “Sure you are.”

However … we’ve been assured by “typical feeling” gun control teams for many years that 1) white country men only acquire guns to make up for imperfections in their trousers, and 2) ladies particularly are a million even more times likely to shoot themselves if assaulted instead of their aggressor. Chicks simply can not take care of a weapon, you know? It seems Harris is attempting to have it both methods; she’s for weapon control, but she recognizes the wish to have a firearm for protection. Excellent luck selling that on the project route.– Iowa Starting Line @IAStartingLine: “. @KamalaHarris on gun plan: “I am a gun proprietor … We are being offered a false selection, which suggests you’re either in support of the 2nd Amendment or you desire to take everyone’s weapons away.” #IACaucus”– Yeah, we’re not buying it. If Harris expects to attract the far-left progressives whose ballots she seriously needs, she’s mosting likely to have to discuss exactly what that happy medium is between appreciating the Second Amendment and also weapon confiscation, Eric Swalwell design.

Sciguy8989 @sciguy8989: “Welp, her political occupation as a Democrat is done.”– Eb20 @Erickbroz1: “For her except us.”– PROUD AMERICAN @USA50Stars: “Ok, so you can secure yourself, however we are not permitted to ?? Typical hypocritical liberal democrat!!”– Hey, allow’s provide her a possibility … when is just one of the Democrat candidates mosting likely to discover the digestive tracts to take on well-funded unique rate of interest teams like Moms Demand and also Everytown for Gun Safety? Maybe Harris will certainly discuss Shannon Watts on CNN or something.– Kurt Templeton @KurtTempleton: “Quick do a check. My loan gets on she has either “unlawful” ammo, “illegal” high ability publications, or at least we’ll find she skirted the needed classes/paperwork needed to possess a firearm. As Broadway Joe as soon as claimed … I ensure it.”

See? She’s transforming off Democrat voters already:– Scott Gold @ScottGold16: “JHC Kamala !! You could have said you are a gun proprietor that takes pleasure in target or clays as a sport LIKE in the Olympics. Not personal defense since that indicates you tacitly support the NRA as well as their conspiracy theory concepts concerning a hero with a gun crap. The optics are bad ok.”– Remember when President Obama ensured us he just could not get enough of skeet shooting at Camp David? That was funny.

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