Personal Safety

Katana Safety Arc: The First Personal Security System That attaches Directly to Your Smartphone and Offers Three Layers of Defense. (Silver)

Katana Safety provides three layers of defense (subscription required for 24/7 Response Center).

The Katana Arc (first layer of defense) is an ultra-slim alarm and relay device featuring two alarms.

The first alarm is a piercing audible siren that’s activated with just the flick of a finger or by using the ingenious hidden wristband.

The second alarm is a discreet silent-alert button for use in an uncomfortable situation when a loud siren might not be appropriate.

Both alerts bypass the users locked home screen to contact the subscription-based Katana 24/7 Response Center (second layer of defense) who can contact local emergency services and/or up to seven friends and family.

The free Katana App (third layer of defense) facilitates a user’s Circle: up to seven pre-determined contacts that will be sent a map of the user’s location in the event of an emergency, and more!

The Arc can be taken into classrooms, dorms, workplaces-even through airport security. Its batteries never have to be charged. Bluetooth and a data plan or Wi-Fi connection are required.

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