Self Defense

Learn the Art of Self Defense – Sound Like High On Fire

* Edit: guy, I did this one so tired. Missed an edit, stated “topography” as opposed to “geography”. Got ta be much more complete!

Big fan of early High on Fire. There’s something concerning that raw ludicrously thick distortion Matt Pike set and also manufacturer Billy Anderson got that I firmly think is one of the most effective metal tones ever before videotaped. The first two High on Fire releases, Art of Self Defense and also Surrounded by Thieves really showcased that Soldano preamp/Matamp GT120 noise.

Matt’s Gear: Early 90’s Gibson Les Paul Standard, Soldano SP-77 preamp, Matamp GT120, Matamp taxicabs packed with (most likely) Celestion G12H-100’s.

My Gear: Epiphone Flying V filled with EVH Frankenstein pickup, Line 6 Helix LT.