Personal Safety

PPE: An Introduction – Safety Training Video Preview – Safetycare Personal Protective Equipment

Not all work environment risks can be completely controlled or eliminated. When threats in the work atmosphere can not be ‘engineered out’, or when guards, shields as well as other safety and security gadgets have actually restricted effectiveness, there will commonly be a demand to wear personal safety equipment.

It is very important to recognize that individual protective devices is not an alternative to risk control, however the last safety and security option to be carried out besides other sensible safety and security procedures have actually been considered and also used.

Personal safety devices therefore is rarely made use of in seclusion and also is typically included right into safety and security treatments as an included security needs to a mishap happen.

This program checks out carefully:

– Eye and Face Protection
– Head Protection
– Respiratory Protection
– Hearing Protection
– Protective Clothing

In each section we take a look at why, when and also how the security is put on. Long and also short term ailment, major and small injuries, poisoning, electrical shock and more, can all be avoided sometimes with making use of suitable individual protective equipment.

This program is designed for all employees who are required to use personal protective equipment. It is a general program suitable for induction or to reinforce the need to put on things of personal defense.

RUNNING TIME: 17 Minutes