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SAMICS – Special course with special forces (Rapid Response Unit Brno (CZ))


This training course was specifically made for gun retention, weapon protection and gun protection! SAMICS Law Enforcement is a training program for functional forces. The training has a strong focus in defense with tools (including the useful and tactical handling of the tool), along with the defense versus all kinds of unarmed attacks and also weapons assaults versus one or even more challengers. The main purpose of the training is to obtain control over the challenger (circumstance) alone or in a group. SAMICS Law Enforcement is not equivalent to standard civil protection systems and also martial arts.

Regarding the author:
Peter Weckauf is an instructor 20-year in self-defense and fighting styles. Beyond his training courses, Peter owns one of the biggest martial arts fitness centers in Austria. Over 45 years of self-defense and martial arts experience make him one of one of the most qualified trains in the area.

SAMI Combat Systems (SAMICS)– Martial Arts, Selfdefense and Sports Training!

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SAMI is a house discovering fighting style channel on Youtube!

SAMI instructs you:

– training ideas
– motivations for your training
– inspirations for your teaching
– fighting style strategy
– physical fitness tutorials
– self protection tips as well as strategies
– road dealing with techniques
– gun and also firearm training
– Panantukan training
– Knife training
– Stick training
– Tomahawk training
defense with daily objects

as well as far more.

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