Self Defense

Self Defense
1. What is the Sharp Shooter Self Defense keychain?

The copyrighted Sharp Shooter self protection keychain was designed by a martial arts, tools as well as pressure point expert Grand Master Moran. He recognized there was a need for a very easy to carry self protection keychain that functions better than pepper sprays as well as stun guns.

2. Exactly how do I use the Sharp Shooter keychain?

The Sharp Shooter keychain includes a cost-free DVD that is genuine simple to follow. Just enjoy the free DVD that includes the gadget and also you are ready to protect on your own anyplace you go.

For your individual self protection, Sharp Shooter Keychains are devices intended to stop, disrupt or
quit an attacker in his tracks. A personal alarm, pepper spray, stun gadget, weapon, knife, baton or
any type of number of other self defense gadgets can save your life but might not be the
best tool for you to bring every location you go. if you are thinking about a personal security gadget
You need the Sharp Shooter keychain.