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Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 9 – On the Ground

Welcome to Lesson # 9 in your Protection Essential Training Course!

In this video, we first review just how to defend on your own FROM the ground when falling, after that ON the ground when taking care of an attacker.

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Some ideas from Lesson # 9 …

Did you recognize that the leading source of injury-related death for people 65 as well as older in the United States is dropping?

You may never ever locate on your own defending on your own from a terrible enemy, however you will certainly take a loss. So, allow’s very first speak about protecting ourselves from the ground.

At some time, maturing suggested standing. Instantly, taking a fall was humiliating as well as the ground something to fear. However that only antagonizes us.

Attempt resting down on the ground with control. That’s okay if you have to fold your leg behind you or utilize a hand. Just discover to trust your butt!

If you believe about it, falling is just dropping your weight, like we spoke about in Lesson # 5. Of course, in protection, going down completely to the ground should not be your front runner, however if you need to, you shouldn’t hesitate to do it.

Work up to resting and falling on your back and sides. No matter how you fall, catch it before it strikes the ground.

In my experience, one of the most dangerous part of falling is attempting to STOP on your own from dropping. That simply turns a tiny fall under a big fall. My suggestions– don’t stall the fall. Approve it when you recognize you’re going down.


There are 2 basic means you might hit the ground with an assailant– on the top or on base.

I stay on the attack as well as drive to their side if I fall on top. I can utilize every little thing we practiced on the wall in Lesson # 7– hand heels, joints, and hammer hands.

I still accept the autumn and rest down as quickly as I can if I fall underneath my aggressor. But instead than capture my head, I’m mosting likely to attempt to catch the opponent’s head. This will certainly assist me control the autumn and also the crook.

Obviously, I do not intend to be squashed under a crook’s weight, so the quicker I start transforming, the much better. Like the suggestion of bullfighting in Lesson # 8, making the bad man slip past you to hit the ground is mosting likely to aid you avoid injury as well as give you more space to kick on your own away or roll up ahead.

Naturally, you can find out lots of specific methods for combating on the ground, however for basic self-defense, I ‘d such as to repeat the exact same concepts we applied standing. If you believe of the ground as a completely various situation that standing, you could persuade yourself that you have no suggestion what to do and also ice up up. Yet you DO understand what to do. You simply have to train yourself to do it.

When fighting on the ground is footwork, the largest distinction. Right here are three ways to utilize your largest muscles …

KICKING. Instantly get your legs in between you and also the assaulter if you drop to the ground. That places your head farthest far from his weapons as well as aims your best tools straight at him. Keep in mind– head out, feet in!

BUMPING. This is like a gymnast’s bridge, only terrible! It’s like driving your automobile and striking a rate bump– you obtain jolted and splash your coffee. Same idea here.

Don’t let your opponent calm down. Shake his body and tremble his confidence. Bump your aware of make the room you need to get your legs in between and also kick yourself back to safety.

SCOOTING. Utilize your feet to walk backwards and also forwards on your back. Try jumping up and down on your side, also.

If you intend to return on your feet, you need to USE your feet. So, come down and also have a little enjoyable simply rolling around with your old close friend.

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CAUTION: The suggestions as well as motions shown in this video are for instructional and also informative functions only. Seek advice from a doctor prior to taking part in any kind of workout or martial arts program.