Self Defense

Self-Defense Experiment: What is the best learning method?

In this video clip, we aim to emulate the training formula utilized in a common online ladies’s self-defense video clip: revealing an assortment of methods only one or two times.

This video clip is planned to increase concerns about training techniques. Lots of people feel extra confident or empowered after seeing self-defense videos or attending a self defense class. This self-confidence is frequently bolstered with the knowledge that the method is “legit” or that it is educated by an “expert”.

Join all new pupil Karen in a self protection experiment where we attempt to counter the dangerous wrist grab that self protection trainers constantly caution us about.

I found that using the “appropriate” methods is inadequate. You need to discover how to act instead of to be acted upon. This is an ability that calls for consistent training over long durations of time.

Many thanks for viewing. Now get out there as well as educate!