Self Defense

Self-Defense? Hell NO.

Exactly what would certainly you perform in a genuine, fierce street altercation? Could you shield yourself and your enjoyed ones from damage?

The roads typically aren’t risk-free. Invite to ICE Urban Combat. This is the scientific research of road fighting.

At our popular Los Angeles center, we’ve assisted countless individuals gain actual fighting self-confidence and also feel in control on the roads. Now, you can get ICE Urban Combat– the world’s most effective fighting system– anytime, anywhere.

ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts will educate you:
– How to right away get the benefit in a real street fight
– How to develop reliable striking that will violently and suddenly finish any run-in
– How to fight in all settings, from standing to the ground
– How to create eruptive rate and also devastating power with identify accuracy and accuracy
– Find out why obstructing is not a great idea in a street-fight.
– Develop devastating low-line kicks that will certainly fold people in fifty percent.
– Learn how you can trap to control in close-range.
– Learn the best ways to surround a knife assailant, providing him completely worthless.
– Unveil the best physical weapon your body needs to offer.

Our useful as well as simple methods give you a mechanical advantage over your assailant, no matter his size, toughness or combating skills. This method allows you to close down your challenger and end a battle in 5 secs or less!

ICE Urban Combat is unlike any kind of other martial arts or self-defense training you’ll discover.
It’s a blend of one of the most reliable concepts and also techniques fight disciplines need to offer. Created over 25 years and instructed by martial arts professionals and main Jeet Kune Do instructors with Bruce Lee training lineage, ICE Urban Combat is based in Jeet Kune Do and Jiu Jitsu. It makes use of physics– that is, the body’s mechanical advantages– to overpower a challenger, no matter his dimension, stamina, combating skills or approach of approach. The result is one of the most reliable and detailed battling system in the world. ICE Urban Combat gives you evaluated, real-world fighting skills and also the self-confidence you have to instantly and also violently closed down any type of challenger in any kind of scenario. We call this the science of street fighting.

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