Self Defense

Self-Defense: Tools of Attack DVD–Trailer
Self-Defense: Tools of Attack
Club, Hatchet, Blackjack, Knife, Straight Razor
This video clip shows method drills of an experienced road boxer. In several confrontations his techniques have never failed him. He reveals what is actual as well as how to experiment common street tools. Observe him to learn the appropriate strategies and also the training drills with a club, hatchet, knife, razor, and also blackjack.

If you are major about your self-defense skills, you will use this video to assist you come to be skillful with these weapons on your own. In the situation of armed assaults the requirement for efficiency with the weapons as well as techniques you are likely to experience is essential for leaving death, or an unsightly mauling, or worse …

Awful is best to be skilled with knowledgeable given weapon provided to practice defenses exercise a partner who is that good with it. At finest, you will certainly pick up important abilities for your method, area weaknesses of the attacks, as well as emotionally prepare on your own.
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