Nonviolent Self-Defense(1) – Repel

Posted Posted in Self Defense Nonviolent Self-Defense (NSD) is a total system of humane individual defense as well as physical control skills that is both efficient and also safe. NSD has actually been used for several years in Crisis Intervention training. See new book at:

Women’s self defense: striking method

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Learn the most reliable striking techniques for females. Traditional boxing mixes don’t operate in genuine life. Email: Website: PLEASE NOTE: Martial Arts, like any type of sporting activity, entail a potential threat for significant injury. By watching the Martial Tactical Defense YouTube channel, site, video clips, book or any one of the web […]

All About Self Defense Using Improvised Weapons : Use an Umbrella for Self-Defense

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Find out how to fight with an umbrella with expert tips as well as suggestions on fighting styles in this complimentary online video clip on self-defense. Professional: Tres Tew Contact: Biography: Instructor Tres Tew is currently a black belt as well as teaches courses regularly at the Christian Martial Arts facility in Wilmington, North […]

Women’s self defense: kicking

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Discover how to use your legs to eliminate off an assaulter. Legs are on ordinary 7 times stronger than the upper body. Initial video clip and also newspaper article of the sexual offense attempt available here: Contact us at Site: PLEASE NOTE: Martial Arts, like any sport, involve a potential danger for […]