Halloween Self Defense

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My insta https://instagram.com/joe_joverdose Edited By Jehchikaz https://instagram.com/jess_michelle512 Check out my close friends who were in this video clip https://instagram.com/yoloryn/ First Lady https://instagram.com/smplykaija/ Second Lady https://instagram.com/breenaylaya Third Lady https://instagram.com/kevin_the_refugee The Big Helper https://instagram.com/dubhalo/ He shatter, I propelled

5 Must-Have Self Defense Gadgets

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5 Must-Have Self Defense Gadgets [See More] *** The Gadgets *** 5– Defender 24/7 https://goo.gl/MOumrY 4– Tactical Walls https://goo.gl/afq0RR 3– Gerber Tactical Pen https://goo.gl/4R8Rdv 2– Yellow Jacket https://goo.gl/4gHtln 1– Little Viper https://goo.gl/IPNwCk *** Other Videos You Might Like *** 5 AWESOME Gadgets Under $10 On Amazon https://goo.gl/QzqwgG 5 Coolest ELECTRIC BIKES on the Planet https://goo.gl/i74jUK […]

Self-Defense: Creating, Living & Protecting a Life You Love | Avital Zeisler | TEDxSevenMileBeach

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When a sufferer of a fierce sex-related assault, Avital Zeisler picked to “attack back” by finding out Self Defense. At her lowest minute, she made a discovery that tested her to redefine protection, eventually saving her life and also the lives of others. Avital Zeisler is a hand-to-hand fight expert, author, women’s empowerment instructor, and […]


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Author: safetipin Before I start with this one, I’d like to apologize for my tardiness. The last few months have been incredibly busy- examinations, mastering the game of table tennis, training my hyperactive dog- made it impossible for me to sit down and think. The idea for this article in fact, came to me while […]

Self Defense Training For Kids

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Self Defense Training For Kids Self defense and martial arts have long been known for teaching respect for one another. Self defense for kids is very important because there are many different aspects than in adult self defense. Besides martial arts, there are some basic self defense moves for kids that you can practice with […]

Self Defense Classes

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You do not necessarily need to sign up for karate or martial arts to learn simple self defense moves. Properly practiced, Okinawan karate is unique in its usefulness for self defense. The best training focuses on  techniques and  moves that are centered around your God given reflexes. In addition to unarmed training, it must include […]

Self Defense And Personal Protection Laws

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Self Defense and Personal Protection There are a variety of home and self defense products and weapons available to help you ensure your personal safety and ward off would-be attackers. There are several self defense products and weapons which women may use for self protection. Self defense products provides a great way to have personal […]