Personal Safety

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That Expert Show host Anna Canzano meetings individual safety and security expert Pete Canavan. They review: If you’re being physically assaulted, what to do Because people typically don’t want to get entailed, don’t shout HELP Shout FIRE rather Strike for the center line of the assailant (their eyes, their throat, their groin, their knees). A […]

Tw-10 Stunt Gun/ Taser/ Electric Shocker 50M volts

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Buy Tw-10 shocker here: Inspect my social networks right here: Instagram: Twitter: Shock voltage: 60 MILLION VOLT Irradiation range: 200-250 meters Battery: Built-18650 Rechargeable Battery Weight: 200g Constant illumination time: 2-4 hrs for illumination, 1 hr for shocker Light life: 100,000 hours Dimension of flashlight: 16 x 5 x 3CM Self-defence electric […]

People Who Had to Act in Self Defense Share Their Stories – r/AskReddit

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In some cases you have to protect yourself to save your life. Has this ever occurred to you? Share your story in the comments. Remember to sign up for Daily Reddit, you understand, for … everyday Reddit. r/AskReddit Playlist: The history tune is called Sunshine Samba, you can discover it in the Youtube Library. […]