Kyusho Self Defense for Women

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The term “Self Defense” has an unfavorable connotation that from the beginning can yield failing for the user. The trouble is that this tag currently portrays in the mindset that the person is a victim of a violent act or hostility and that the expert must do a defensive action. This premise of acting after […]

Self-Defense Instructor vs 2 Street Thugs

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KNIFE DEFENSE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: Subscribe to Nick Drossos: Have you ever before thought about a terrifying strike taking place to you? As an example, you are strolling down the road and all of a sudden realize that 2 people are aggressively running to you! That’s undoubtedly a terrifying situation to imagine. Now, visualize […]


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10 NECESSITY HAVE SELF-DEFENSE GADGETS 1. Dazzeler 2. Salt Supply 3. The Defender 4. The Lil Trucker 5. MecArmy SGN7 Buzzer 6. Yellow Jacket 7. Bow2Tie Bow2Tie, the First Safe for Kids Personal Alarm Device 8. Attack Dog Electra 9. TASER Pulse 10. SCHF50F

4 Personal Safety & Security Devices | Need It

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4 individual safety & security tools that have your back whether you go to house or taking a trip. ___ OBTAIN THE DEVICES: ___ Huge many thanks to Hattie, make sure to look into her Instagram below: ___ GET IN TOUCH WITH KIN COMMUNITY Subscribe right here: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: […]