Aikijujutsu & Aikido for self defense

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Collection of clips downloaded and install from innovative commons re-edited, of masters & instructors in Aikijujutsu, Akido protection versus a blade attacks for ladies, plus demo’s of protection and also counter assault techniques.descending arts Aikido, Hakkō-ryū, Yanagi-ryū Aiki Bugei, and also Hapkido Thank you to the uploaders

Seeing is Believing: Flashlights for Self-Defense

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Women’s Self Defense: Level 1 – Choke Escape

Posted Posted in Self Defense When you are on the base and they are choking you, this is a strategy utilized to protect from a person. Practice the method as high as possible prior to you start attempting to do it live or fast lane. Stay tuned for even more videos, and many thanks for viewing. finalroundtraining. […]

Basic brazilian jiu jitsu self defense techniques & tutorials for beginner training Part 1

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Basic brazilian jiu jitsu self defense strategies & tutorials for newbie training Part 1 brazilian jiu jitsu is the finest martial arts for self-defense by takedown, hurting, ground battling strategies. It’s one of the most preferred fighting styles to make use of in MMA when combating in premises, it’s additionally efficient in self protection in […]