Personal Safety

tecmac Safety Companion Emergency Notification Keychain Alarm | Personal Safety Device | Reindeer

Safety Made Simple: Activating Safety Companion is as easy as pressing a button for 2 seconds. Safety Companion makes immediate call (Only for Android users), SMS and email to pre-determined contacts. The phone will emit loud siren sound to alert people nearby. Up to 3 SMS and 3 emails can be sent simultaneously.

Emergency Location Tracking: Sends an up-to-date Geo-location on a map via email and sms. Your location info updates every 2-3 minutes.

Wear Safety and Style: Stretchable strap allows you to attach Safety Companion to your keychain, back pack or personal belongings. Choose your favorite Safety Companion.

24hrs Safeguarding: For female, student, home-alone elderly and run trainer, it is an all-weather safety buddy. Stay connected with your loved ones.

Portable & Easy to Carry: A portable device that is clever and easy to carry, 24 hours protection. Low battery consumption, up to three months of usage on standby mode while connected to Bluetooth.

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