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The Importance of Kumite | Sparring vs. Self-Defense Techniques? | Advanced Martial Arts Training

In this video clip, The Value of Kumite; Competing vs. Self-Defense Techniques, I clarify the difference between kumite (sparring) and also training in truth based self-defense (goshinjutsu).

Among the best advantages that we can pick up from sparring is just how to regulate your mind and also feelings when you remain in an aggressive combative situation. An additional excellent lesson that we obtain from sparring is learning exactly how to strike one more person while they are trying to attack you – as well as how to take a punch and maintain going.

Is Kumite (sparring) training superior to self-defense training?
Should competing drills be viewed as more crucial than kata?
Is competing really preparing you for real self-defense?
Watch the video clip and also locate out!

This lesson is directly for the experts of the old Japanese koryu fighting styles of the ninja and also samurai, such as ninjutsu (ninpo) and also bujutsu (budo).

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