Personal Safety


The same media source that informed us numerous days ago that “Thomas Markle-Mouth SR was sighted picking up supper for two near his Rosarito house”, is now stating that Messy Markle sr telephoned in informing them just how he was afraid for his life, stressed over the Mexican gangs holding him for ransom money, he has actually been remaining wherever he could and also wherever he could pay for to remain to keep himself risk-free. Currently he is formally out of money as well as hasn’t a selection but to go back to his rosarito residence. They didnt release a video clip or audio clip, fishy dubious, they are uk based, questionable dubious, and also they stated he was getting supper for himself and also a close friend to remind his house in rosarito simply a couple of days back, hmmmmmmmmmm! Ok, they are either A. LEGIT, B. comprising incorrect information in order to obtain views ooooor C. put up to telling us this stuff stringing us along so as we simply deal with our lives as well as consider him to life and well.

times such as this ive noticed they (yall understand whoooo), inform us prior to hand their strategies indirectly hiding it in simple view (media source) … lo n behold, it winds up happening equally as the individual feared. Super however strange predictable! I am leaning in the direction of C.

currently we relax as well as see what happens next ~.

keep big mouth markle in your petitions!

stay safe as well as remain honored! xoxoxox.