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Total Self Defense Technique for Women is produced by Master Lee, acclaimed Tae Kwon Do teacher, developer of the J. Lee Tae Kwon Do System educated at his Los Angeles studio, as well as long time Captain and also Trainer of Korean Tigers, the globe’s most distinguished mixed martial arts efficiency group.

Master Lee instructs effective as well as easy self-defense techniques from an useful, sensible angle. The program covers a variety of reality situations and addresses both physical and emotional elements of fight.

You will find out about one of the most normal strike tactics and also how to correctly examine danger and also retreat from individual danger by utilizing defense techniques originated from fighting styles.

Each defense method lugs its own dangers affecting its capacity. Master Lee educates you how to choose which protection technique to use by classifying the body targets of self-defense relocations into 3 groups of boosting risk: Targeting the initial group has the best potential for defeating your attacker, however not in every circumstance will you have the chance to target the very first group. Recognizing your assailant’s vulnerability is essential, and you will certainly learn exactly how to do that.

Every defense action is explained, shown in detail, and afterwards shown by Master Lee and Yesenia Adame. Sections educating and also evaluating specific protection strategies are complied with by protection step mixes that put with each other strikes, blocks as well as run away relocations.

Master Lee breaks down strategies for strikes (fingertips, punch, palm hand, back hand, elbow) and also kicks (front kick, roundhouse kick, side kick and also knee). He shows runs away, twists, as well as throws, as well as evaluates the psychological concepts underlying scenarios of physical confrontation, including the body language you require to communicate a preparedness to safeguard oneself as opposed to a passive, victim-like position.

Retreat moves and also turning launches are developed to trick the mind of an opponent with unexpected directional adjustments and angles, and address different grabs, such as arm/hand, waist/shoulders, collar. Master Lee shows you to use your entire body to obtain advantage against a stronger enemy.

The program additionally provides a strength training exercise, stretches and protection method drills.