Safety NET Kids DVD Free with $25.00 Contribution to Code Amber

Safety Net Kids is an instructional video for kids aged 4 to 11. The video teaches and reinforces techniques and recognition skills for avoiding situations that could lead to abduction. Now is the time to teach them the skills they need to recognize and avoid dangerous situations.

Glenn Olsen, the producer of the video, has graciously extended an exclusive special offer of a free copy of the DVD to everyone who contributes $25.00 to Code Amber.

We're sorry but the DVD is no longer available.
The tragic events leading up to the death of 11 year old Carlie Brucia in Florida shocked and angered our entire nation. The devastating video of her apparent abduction sent wake-up calls to parents and teachers in every corner of the country. How can a child, gripped with fear, respond in a situation like this?

The Safety NET Kids video teaches exactly what a child should do in this situation to avoid abduction. If Carlie had learned these techniques they may have saved her life.

Code Amber has fully endorsed the Safety NET Kids video since we first reviewed it in November 2003. You can read more about it on our Featured Sites page as well as some other reviews and endorsements.

The video runs 30 minutes and covers topics such as how to recognize and avoid a dangerous stranger, what to do if a stranger comes to the door or calls while your child is home alone and much more. The video is a series of vignettes with demonstrations of what to do, and what not to do, interspersed with activities and quizzes. Recommended ages are 4 to 11 and it is meant to be watched over and over to reinforce the lessons and recognition of the danger signs.

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