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5 MOST DANGEROUS Wing Chun Martial Arts Moves for Self Defense

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Top 5 Martial art actions as well as wing chun kungfu strategies for self-defense!

Learn self protection with these wing chun methods and also fighting styles relocations.

5. Finger Jab (closed hand/ open hand/ digging in).
4. Stomp Kick.
3. Lead kick.
2. Arm Joint (Sinking).
1. Chain Punch.


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Sifu David a.k.a. “The Mind as well as Body Mentor”, is among one of the most highly regarded and prominent educators in the individual success and also development area.

David has always had a dealing with spirit also at a young age and comes from a household with a deep martial arts heritage. As a literally smaller kid he was frequently harassed by the larger kids in his school. He would certainly combat back which eventually caused the bullies to leave him alone.

Later in his life however, he was seriously assaulted which led him to take martial arts training extra seriously. It really did not take long for him to gain the methods as well as self-confidence required to safeguard himself properly.

In extra to being a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student as well as 3rd Generation Ip Man Student, he has examined with masters from all over the world, from numerous martial arts designs from wing chun, jeet kune do, tai chi, chinese martial art to jiu jitsu and army combatives.

It is his passion as well as life goal to continuously stretch his limits to attain expertise, wisdom, success as well as new capacities while helping others while doing so who are searching for their path.

His training style is distinct as it transforms not simply the body, however also the mind as well as spirit. He takes improvement to a whole brand-new degree with understanding on reflection, body-electrics (chi), and spiritual innovation.

He is genuinely among the very uncommon instructors that successfully mixes old fighting styles concepts right into modern life, spirituality as well as individual success.

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