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5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know | HER Network

Sign up for my YouTube channel: Ladies, it’s regrettable that in some cases we could wind up in poor circumstances where we need to protect ourselves. Don’t be a victim! When it’s needed, see this video to find out these 5 protection relocations which you could apply.

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Syaheenaz Halim is a jiu-jitsu blue belt under Bruno Barbosa. She is also the creator of Malaysian Jiujiteras. Syaheenaz is genuinely enthusiastic about jiu-jitsu and wants to use this sport as a system to equip women & help them reclaim their voice. A strong supporter for self love & positive body photo, Syaheenaz intends to motivate women to take control of their own fate & live a life fulfilled.

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5 Self-Defense Moves to know when you enter negative circumstances:
When am is gotten, 1)
2) When someone attacks your individual area
When hair is pulled, 3)
4) When grabbed from behind
When being installed, 5)