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PikaLegend said: ↑ ​ H ello everyone! Ever since the Wynnter update in 22 nd December 2014, Guild Wars has been an immense guild feature in Wynncraft. ( It’s quite old, I know! ) Personally, guild wars has always been one of my favorite things to do in Wynncraft – it is always exciting to be able to attack and control territories like it is a strategy war game!
This guide is catered towards learning Captains and newer players to Guilds. I will be sharing my tips and tricks for winning wars, and possible strategies for even larger scale battles!
Special Thanks to @Nyam for helping me with creating builds, and giving me helpful advice when it comes to war strategy.
( NB: In the end of the day, this thread is subjected from my POV. It is very possible that I could get some facts missing or wrong, so please leave constructive criticism or suggestions so that I can improve this guide! )
⚔ Table of Contents ⚔ ​ War and Territory Basics (What are Guild Wars? What are Territories?) Fighting in a Guild War (What builds works and what doesn’t? What potions should I bring in?) Controlling and Defending Territories (Which mobs should I defend with?) The Bigger Picture – Beyond Guild Wars (What are alliances? How do I use guild emeralds to my advantage?) ⚔ Part 1: War and Territory Basics ⚔ ​
So you are new to guild wars and never understood how it works: Let me explain to you the basics in a Question and Answers fashion!

What are Guild Wars?
Guild Wars is a feature of guilds that allows you to attack other guild’s territories. They can be started by a member of the guild who is Captain rank or above, by clicking on the opposing guild’s banner found in every territory to initiate an attack, or by doing /gu attack on the territory.
In a Guild War, players have 20 minutes to fight a huge wave of mobs that are defending the opponent guild’s territory. By killing all the mobs, they win the war, and as such takes control of the territory (They also earn Emeralds for the guild bank based on the number of mobs killed).
What are territories?
Territories are areas your guild controls after winning a war. For every mob killed by players in this territory, the guild earns a bit of Guild EXP and Emeralds . This means capturing a higher level territory or popular grinding spots could be very beneficial towards the guild, as it provides even more Guild EXP and Emeralds. (Of course, more people will fight for such territories)
As a Captain rank or above, you can defend your territory by clicking on your banner in the territory, or by doing /gu defend on the territory. It will bring up this GUI:
​ This is your Guild Defense GUI. As your guild levels up, you unlock more types of mobs and levels to defend with. The Emeralds used are from your guild bank ( /gu contribute ), not from your personal inventory or bank.
You can only defend up to 1000 mobs in a territory at a time. There is a 180 seconds cooldown after a war where the territory cannot be attacked. This allows for guilds to have time to defend. More detail about defending territories in Part 3.
⚔ Part 2: Fighting in a Guild War ⚔ ​
Now that you know the basics of Guild Wars, let’s talk about more war-dependent strategy – How to win a Guild War and possible Builds that would work well in Guild Wars.
​ First and foremost, I would like to mention one important thing – Guild Wars are not a feature intended for lower-leveled Players. It is catered towards the Level 95+ endgame players, especially when it comes down to higher level guild wars.
There are many factors when it comes down to winning a war, but I split the factors into two:
1. Preparations for war
As the level of the mobs are generally unknown, it is safe to assume that you can be facing anything. (Once you get more experienced, you can actually predict what guilds are defending with based on their guild level, defense records and number of mobs !)
If you are aiming to fight in a High-Level Guild War, I heavily recommend bringing in three things:
Potions , including Stats Pots, Mana Pots and lots of Health Pots. (Yes, even if you are a mage) A Good build for war. More on that below. Some Friends ! The more friends you can gather, the easier the war will be! (Of course, it is still possible to solo wars) Oh yeah, good internet also helps too. If you have crappy internet like I do… Oh well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
2. Executing and fighting
In my experience of fighting in guild wars, it can get quite hectic.
My general tips when fighting in a group is to stick together and combine effort to repel your enemies. Of course, you don’t get this privilege when fighting solo. These tips I am about to give are useful information for fighting in wars.
Prioritize the biggest threat . Many times I was taken out by a Level 100 sniper which sneaked behind me and took me out with a heavy arrow storm. If you take out these big threats in your first few minutes, you will be doing really well. Spells . As an assassin, my favorite spell to use in wars is spin attack. It provides good utility since it debuffs enemies by stunning them for a while, giving me a small period of time to rest and regenerate health. Blinding, Slowness or AoE spells are really useful for taking on a group of mobs head on, while mobility spells are good when in a pinch. Potions . To make the most out of your “burst” potions like mana potions, I would usually save them for taking on a huge group of enemies, especially when you need a boost to wreck them. Recommend using Stats Potions from the start. You can reuse these potions after the war, so go ham with them. Placement / Location . This is probably not as significant, but I prefer fighting in a larger area such as flat lands as it allows me to get close and personal with the mobs. Of course, if you are not an assassin, you might want to reconsider having the high ground, such as being on a tree, or finding cover so that you can take mobs out one by one. Bosses . Well, Good luck! If you have a heavy DPS build or a Curse Powder Special, save it for these guys. They can do a lot of damage, so keep in mind of their spells and abilities. (Don’t let Bob charge on you!) But once all the high level mobs are gone, these guys are a breeze. Builds – What works best and what doesn’t?
For this little sub-section, I will be discussing about possible Builds for wars. It is up to debate which ones works best and which one doesn’t, and since I am not the best when it comes to building builds, It would be nice to have some players discuss about it down below!
( Special Thanks to Nyam for her awesome help with this section!)
Offensive OR Defensive ?
Although many people might not know this, but besides boss mobs, mobs deals mostly neutral damage. Their elemental defenses are also quite light.
As such, elemental defense are generally not as important as most people would think! As long as you don’t go too much into the negative elemental defenses, you will be doing fine!
No, this does not mean we can make a glass cannon Cataclysm build either (That might work though). As it is almost impossible to take no damage in a war, I would suggest a more balanced build that is good defensively and offensively. I would lean towards the offensive side as there is a 20 minute time limit in wars (beginning from 1st mob spawned), and defensive potions are already good at providing some tank capabilities.
Identifications – What works well and what doesn’t?
Due to the amount of mobs you get in a Guild War, some IDs can work really well!
These are some examples of Identifications that you might want to consider using for a guild war:
Exploding: More mobs have a chance of exploding on death, dealing even more AoE Damage. Life Steal and Mana Steal: Having a lot of mobs in a guild war within a tighter space, Life Steal and Mana Steal can be very useful since they will have a much higher chance of activating. Walk Speed: Allows greater mobility for players to escape from potentially dangerous situations.
Example Builds :
If you have a build that you think could be worth sharing, please share it in the comments! If you are looking for build advice, I recommend asking @LarzLapiz , @Nyam , @Gigavern , @Madib00 and @Pokextreme for help. They are one of the many players in Wynncraft who knows what they are doing when making builds.
Morph Set Aquarius Build: [Link]
+ Can be used with or without a Mythic.
+ Very much affordable!
+ Tons of Weapon Options – Replace with any weapons that works well, such as Torrential Tide or Hive Weapons!
– Can be tricky without a Mythic.
Spell Spam (Water + Air) Build: [Link]
+ Good Utility, 9/4s mana regen with 65% spell reduction is decent.
+ Use Weathered, Stratiformis, Torrential Tide or any Water / Air Weapon.
+ Still affordable, except if you are using a mythic.
+ Can Replace Soarfae for Boreal-Patterned Aegis, but Skill Points will be really tight.
– Potentially a bit glassy.
Rainbow Libra: [Link]
+ Very much affordable!
+ Good for fighting bosses!
+ Works best with Freedom, but can be replaced with other rainbow weapons!
– Freedom is pretty expensive so that’s sad.
⚔ Part 3: Controlling and Defending Territories ⚔ ​
Great! You taken control of a territory, now it is time to defend this territory!

In order to know what is good to defend with, let’s look at each individual mob types !
Mercenaries (Limit: 300 per level) – Slow but durable troops to swarm your opponent.
Rangers (Limit: 300 per level) – Ranged troops that can be annoying to deal with.
Rogues (Limit: 300 per level) – Not as tanky as Mercenaries, but much faster!
Barbarians (Limit: 300 per level) – Slow melee troops that hits hard
Clerics (Limit: 100 per level) – Weak Ranged Mobs, but very annoying as it is able to heal other!
Witches (Limit: 100 per level) – Hits harder than Rangers, able to slow and debuff players.
Honor Guards (Limit: 30 per level) – Very tanky, light elemental defences, Charges around dealing considerable amount of damage!
Snipers (Limit: 30 per level) – Very Hard Hitting Ranged attackers. Powerful Arrow Storm attack that can be deadly.
Bishops (Limit: 20 per level) – Stronger, more durable version of the Cleric. Heals and Teleports around.
Bosses (Limit: 1 per boss) – Hire the classic, infamous bosses of Wynn! Considerably stronger than the other mobs.
Below, I have included the prices of every mob. Do consider these prices when buying mobs.
Spoiler: Click to Reveal Mob Prices
​ ( NB: Subjected to Change. Prices are as of 24th June 2018)
IF I have one message to ALL Captains , never buy the most expensive mobs for every defense .
It really does not help, as you would be draining Guild Emeralds from your bank faster than you think! (Granted, it is the perfect money sink and economy fixes, so maybe?)
Instead, you want to assess the situation to see what defense is the best. Below is a few examples of some common defenses used by many players, but of course what you defend with is always up to you. It is a good thing to sometimes switch up the defenses a bit.
Common Defenses used:
No Defense (0 Emeralds):
+ Your guild gained some emeralds from that war.
– At least defend with something, damn it!
Cheapest 1k Mob Defense (1520 Emeralds):
300 Mercenaries, 300 Rangers, 300 Rogues, 100 Barbarians. All Level 50s.
+ Useful defense that can be used in almost any situations.
+ Buy Time
+ Cheap!
– Anyone can easily break this defense.
The 80 Overpowered Mobs Light Defense (1510 Emeralds):
30 Snipers, 30 Honor Guards, 20 Bishops. All Highest possible Level.
+ Concentrated High Level Mobs. Very dangerous as all the strongest mobs spawns from the start.
+ Opponent Guild only gains 80 Emeralds out of the attack. Possible Guild Bank Draining strategy.
+ Cheap!
– Does not buy as much time as the Cheapest 1k Mob Defense.
Medium Sized 1k Mob Defense (2894 Emeralds) :
30 Snipers, 30 Honor Guards, 20 Bishops (Highest Possible Levels). 300 Mercenaries, 300 Rangers, 300 Rogues, 20 Barbarians. All Level 50s.
+ More reliable than the Cheapest 1k Mob Defense.
+ Takes more effort to take out
– Mobs are not as concentrated as the 80 mobs defense.
Hell (23054 Emeralds) :
30 Lvl 100 Snipers, 30 Lvl 90 Snipers, 30 Lvl 100 Honor Guards, 30 Lvl 90 Honor Guards, 20 Lvl 100 Bishops, 20 Lvl 90 Bishops, 100 Lvl 100 Clerics, 100 Lvl 100 Witches, 300 Lvl 100 Barbarians, 300 Lvl 100 Rangers, 1 Lvl 100 Master Fire Mage, 1 Lvl 100 Corrupter of Worlds, 1 Lvl 110 Bob’s Reincarnation, 1 Lvl 150 Death, 36 Lvl 100 Mercenaries
+ Overkill
– Expensive
– Overpowered builds still beats overpowered defenses.
Of course, there isn’t really a guideline to how you want to defend. Just have a gauge of the situation, and be mindful about your guild bank. Some Captains developed their own defense strategy, others follows the standard defense deployment their guild war leaders assigned. These are just defenses I see many guilds using!
⚔ Part 4: The Bigger Picture – Beyond Guild Wars ⚔ ​
One of the more exciting things about guilds is the social aspects of it, and the fact that guild wars isn’t just about one territory – Most of the time a war would lead to another, and then another. This section is mainly covering alliances , war strategies and ways to give your guild the upper hand in guild wars.
​ Alliances . What are they?
Generally, an alliance is a group of guilds who are in a mutual agreement to work together for a common goal. This is the main crux of guild politics, which I won’t delve too deeply into.
However, there are many reasons why you would want to be in an alliance!
When your guild is offline, being in an alliance weaves a safety net that protects your guild from opposing guilds. Allows for a more cooperative competitive guild scene. It gives incentive for your guild members to be a part of something – Kind of like a mini community within the guild community! If your guild wants to be in an alliance, the best place to ask is the leaders or chiefs of guilds who are in an alliance. Of course, you can create your own alliance as well. These are all choices you could make on your own. There isn’t a real “official” system for guild alliances just yet.
War Strategies
There are many things that could allow your guild / alliance have an upper hand when it comes to guild wars.
1. Strengthening your guild for wars.
This is one way to make your guild more adept for warring. By recruiting willing players and teaching them how to war, you effectively increase the number of players who are able to war for your guild, allowing you to do wars quicker and faster.
Train your Guild’s Captains so that they become experienced in guild wars. Teach them how and what to defend with for territories. This allows your guild to have someone warring despite the Leader or Chiefs being away.
And last of all, gathering momentum and morale for wars. Many guilds rewards their members by decorating them or acknowledging their efforts. This gives an incentive for them to try their best, giving them a goal and aim.
2. Draining Guild Banks .
No one guild has infinite emeralds . As such, it is possible to drain their emeralds just by attacking their high level defenses many times, and defending low. This forces them to place weaker defenses or risk losing lots of emeralds.
Of course, this method takes a very long time.
3. Using other tools to help out in guild wars .
Communication Tools such as Skype, Teamspeak or Discord are really helpful to keep your guild members updated, even without the need of logging on.
Wynncraft Map’s territorial map allows you to see who owns what. This is very useful for planning, a must-have for all Captains.
4. Momentum and Morale .
Morale is very important in wars. If you have good momentum, you can snowball the war towards your favor.
Consider calling in allies to come in and help attack other territories when your guild has momentum. This allows one guild to keep the opposing guilds company, while the other guild goes and attack another area, forcing the enemy to split.
5. War speed .
In the end, the main factor in maintaining territories is still speed . Consider using defenses to buy time to allow your guild earn more territories.
Get more members or allies on to help in wars. If you outnumber the opponent, you will capture territories faster than them.
⚔ Conclusion ⚔ ​
Having so many experienced war guilds in the community, it has became extremely difficult to compete in guild wars. I hope this guide will help many Captains and guilds to find success with wars – it is actually very interesting!
Again, I want to thank Nyam for helping me with this guide. She is an experienced war player who have soloed countless wars with her Freedom Archer build.
( NB: If I have missed something, please tell me! Constructive criticism and feedback will be appreciated )
With that said, I think I can finally step outside of this room and get some fresh air. Click to expand… What Guild level do you have to be to unlock the Death boss to use in defense?

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