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One of the questions to do with trying to get a civil restraining order in place will most likely be whether you can demonstrate your will for contact to be ceased completely , i.e. also from your side. This may seem simplistic, but in another case, it was the critical part that the victim needed to prove, before a restraining order could be issued.
Therefore, the points I listed above are tips to try to stop the stalking, but they are also points towards getting a contact/restraining order in place. And you may be asked to prove them.
Entering a propert y which one has been forbidden to enter is an offence (see link to the law, above). You can forbid this on your own property. If you rent (or even own) a flat, unfortunately you cannot issue the prohibition for the whole building or complex. You can ask your landlord to issue such a prohibition, but unfortunately landlords are typically not inclined to get involved. You can ask your employer to do so for their property, though that, too, may take some hard work and pleading on your part, and will probably depend upon how much trouble his presence has caused to the employer rather than to you, personally.
In another case, it was important that the victim could prove that he had actually issued such a prohibition, formally, in writing, by registered mail. Similarly, gather written proof that you have tried repeatedly to enlist the cooperation of your landlord and your employer in so doing for areas of the properties which are outside of your personal place of dwelling.
Proving that you have had the locks changed will be further evidence of your desire to cease all contact.
For that reason, too, i.e. besides minimising the opportunities for the stalking itself, I strongly recommend blocking every single thing online and changing usernames (including your profilename here) for everything that is not strictly to do with your professional life, where your real name is seen as essential. You can send your private contacts your new pseudonyms, for whichever of your online activities you wish them to find.
Being able to show that you no longer answer any calls from him, and do provide printouts that prove that for weeks or months you have never responded to any mail from him, that you have not called, not sent any messages, mails or letters, not visited him, etc. may be important, too.
Further evidence could be provided in the form of statements from people you know who attest that they have witnessed his verbal (and physical) attacks on you, that he threatened you, etc., and that, for example, you no longer visit certain restaurants, or events, for fear of being found there by him.
Depending on your professional situation, it may be possible to divert your mail to someone else (a secretary/clerk) for filtering beyond what an automated mail block can do. In another situation I know, the threats by mail ceased as soon as the Quote: : “From now on, all my mail will be automatically redirected to X, who will sort my mail and not forward me any mail from you.” In that particular case, the stalker considered the victim weak prey, but knew X, and had more respect for him.
It is unfortunate that you not only have to suffer the stalking, but also have to do the work of proving that you have taken all the steps necessary to cut the contact. Nevertheless, in the other case I saw, it was only after the victim had demonstrated that the wish [that all contact be ceased completely] had been formally expressed, and could document the corresponding conduct proving this wish, that the Court took the matter seriously.
It is of no relevance that you were “two men together”. You do not have fewer rights to your safety just because you may be brothers, father-and-son, cousins, male buddies or gay. The point is that, unfortunately, in Switzerland, there are very few legal avenues to protect “stalkees” at all. If, however, you feel that there are aspects to the situation which are made more complex because of homosexuality, (for example if you are taken less seriously when appealing for help) you could contact the legal advice department of Pink Cross:
One more thing: there may well be a serious inhibition to the police and the Court getting anything done if the stalker is considered psychologically unable to assess the extent of the damage he is causing, or unable to take judgments or to exercise restraint on his own behaviour. If you succeed in finding help, in particular with regard to this aspect, please do come back to the thread and share how you did it. Thanks.

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