Personal Safety

AutumnFall Double Horn Aarm, 1PC Anti-rape Device Alarm Loud Alert Attack Panic Safety Personal Security Keychain (White)

★This is a dual function emergency attack alarm. It features a 130 dB alarm, which is the loudest personal alarm sold by Vigilant


★Can be used as a single woman at night anti-wolf alarm, children‘s school on the road personal safety alarm, the elderly emergency rescue and other purposes!

★Size: 8*2.5*1.5CM/3.14*0.98*0.59inch

★Use: the back of the insulation film removed, you can carry the bag and other objects on the bag, you can get out of the emergency situation can be pulled out the top of the key ring, personal alarm can issue a high decibel 130DB sound! Plug the keychain to lift the alarm!

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