Self Defense

BJJ/Grappling Self-Defense/Street Compilation Part 2

Several of them are inexperienced, they use grappling methods and comparable concepts of BJJ to their benefit. The point is that also an inexperienced person in a dominant placement can inflict damages as well as forced leading placement particularly when the person on the bottom doesn’t have any kind of basic understanding of grappling.

0:00 Judo Street battle
2:25 Man on Wheelchair vs Thief
3:03 Guy triangles as well as full mounts armed burglar with a gun
6:04 Maynard tool
8:15 MMA boxer chokes out burglar
11:02 2 BJJ competitors stops armed burglar in Koreatown
14:56 Nick Diaz armbars person
15:57 Police apprehend as well as choke male
18:55 Pride FC backstage fight – Charles Bennett vs Cristiano Marcelo
21:23 MMA boxer vs Street competitor( your own absolutely, mightymeatmonsta).
24:59 Xveldin vs Bullshido DerAuslander.
25:47 Desert Fight finishes with choke.
30:44 Roger Gracie student quit thief.
31:07 Sarasota citizen suppresses robber with chokehold.
33:17 SHL hockey umpire guillotines hockey player.
34:59 Skater vs Armed gangbanger.
36:50 Stopping thief with BJJ/Grappling.
38:01 Moderator Hedgehog vs ruffian.
47:04 WWE Star Daivari quits criminal with RNC.