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BOOK REVIEW: The Witch’s Shield: Protection Magick & Psychic Self-Defense by Christopher Penczak

I recently checked out Christopher Penczak’s The Witch’s Shield, which is about protecting ourselves versus psychic assault. It was a fascinating publication as well as it offered some wonderful details, but there are some conflicts I have with the writer’s beliefs or worldview. I review every one of this in the testimonial, so I hope you locate it interesting and also helpful.:-RRB-.

Sammy Menzo’s Witchy Book Club:


1. That’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
– Is psychic attack real?
– Attracting focus.
– Psychic threats.
– Out of bounds.
– Balanced protection.

2. Exists a Witch Doctor in the House?
– Symptoms of psychic or magickal harm.
– Denial.
– Paranoia.
– Diagnosis.

3. Psychic Hygiene.
– Spiritual bodies.
– Physical body.
– Emotional body.
– Mental body.
– Soul body.

4. Significant for Protection.
– How do defense beauties work?
– Symbols of defense.
– Stones of security.
– Herbs of protection.

5. Becoming a Psychic Black Belt.
– Elemental approach to psychic protection.
– Grounding.
– Grounding Techniques.
– Boundary.
– Protection shield techniques.
– Mental Flexibility.
– Direct Action.
– Spirit.
– Compassionate protection.

6. Somebody’s Watching Me.
– Evocation.
– Angels.
– Power animals.
– Deities of Protection.
– Guardian nature spirits.
– Banishing undesirable spirits.

7. Banishings, Bindings, and Bottles.
– Casting a magick circle.
– The right time.
– Prevention magick.
– Herbal protection.
– Amulets.
– Wards.
– Guardian Beacon Spell.
– Direct action magick.
– Banishing spells.
– Binding spells.
– Counter magick.
– Revenge, retribution, as well as curses.
– Justified anger.
– Making your own magick.

8. The Nature of True Evil as well as the Divine.
– Good and also evil.
– The divine in all nature.

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