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“Can you Defend Yourself?” [Social Experiment]

This video clip belongs to a self-defense social experiment we are performing. Register for my network: We are aiming to see just how women will respond to different strikes such as ground battling, hair pulling and also kidnapping attempts. You will certainly find out efficient yet straightforward self-defense techniques that you could use to stay risk-free.

Catiana is the next braveheart that determined to volunteer.

We asked her exactly what she would certainly do if a male attacker’s goal was to get her versus her will as well as bring her to a remote area desiring to harm her. Another reaction of Catiana was to hit her enemy in the face or any type of other component of the body, to get away.

Exactly what you have to consider is that as a lady, most assaulters will possibly not expect you to battle back if they attacked you. This provides you the chance to protect on your own without him expecting it.

If your attacker approaches you while aiming to talk with you, you need to remain tranquil, act natural, and also be prepared to leave and also strike in any way times.

When he’s off, you can strike him to immobilize him. You could strike him with your palm, your elbow and your clenched fist.

If he has actually pinned you down as well as starts grabbing your trousers, you could strike him as soon as he has actually left one of your arms complimentary. As you strike him, do a buck and roll to obtain him off of you. Later on, begin defending yourself by striking him making use of palm strikes as well as joints. You can reach grabbing his hair and shattering his head against the ground, and even attacking him someplace on his face.

The most awful feasible point you can perform in these scenarios is transform your back on him while on the ground. If he has actually mounted you, as well as you resort to the side, you might finish up with him on you while you’re resting on the floor on your belly, which you don’t desire. Rather, concentrate on throwing as well as rolling as well as striking at the appropriate moments, and most importantly, venturing out.

A fundamental part of women’s self-defense is to bear in mind to do whatever it absorbs order to endure!


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