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Child Safety Lever Door Knob Covers

The Door Monkey is an absolutely easy device to install on your dors, whether a knob or a handle operate them. It comes with a clasp that is suitable for standard door sizes. It has a lever on one side that locks the door with the help of the door frame or the wall. To open, you simply need to pull the lever or press a button from the other side.

9. Try some tennis balls: Tennis balls can soften sharp corners where a pool noodle doesn’t fit. Cut a few small slices into the ball’s core so you can wedge it over items like table corners. It may not be pretty, but this hack is pretty temporary. Before you know it, your toddler will be steady enough that you no longer feel the need to protect every corner in your home.

Latches & Locks

6. Use a toilet paper tube tester: Skip purchasing a commercial choke tester. Anything that can fit into an empty toilet paper tube is small enough for your baby to choke on. Keep all those wee things locked up in drawers and tall cabinets.

12. Get a handle on vertical drawers: Slide a yardstick or tension rod (or another long, thin object) through the handles of horizontally stacked drawers, rather than spending time and money on individual locks.

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If you have a feline in the house along with a child, you need not to keep your grown pet in safe rooms along with your child at all times. This door lock comes with an adjustable strap that gives enough space for your pet felines to move around freely while keeping your child safe.

Child Safety Door Knob Covers Oval

As your little one gets close to crawling, it’s time to babyproof their environment. How should you start? First, get on the floor and look at the surroundings from a baby’s perspective. See what’s tempting to grab and what’s at eye level. Then, put away loose items and secure furniture that could fall over. Here are 12 budget-friendly safety tricks you can easily install yourself:

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This child-proofing system is absolutely easy to install and doesn’t involve a lot of complex actions to remove when you need to open your cabinets. It has a sturdy design to ensure that your child doesn’t open the cabinets even with strong tugging.

Child Safety Bedroom Door Locks

These white doorknob covers come in a pack of 4, making it easier for you to child-proof as multiple rooms and doors in your house. They are quick and easy to install and come in a soothing white color that blends easily with your home decor. It has a minimalistic design and is compatible with most spherical door knobs.

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