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Child Safety Tips At Home

Wastebasket has no liner. It may be easier to empty the bathroom trash when you line it with a plastic shopping bag, but the convenience isn't worth the risk. Your toddler could put the bag over her head and suffocate.

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Oven is easy to open. The biggest risk here is burns, but your child could also hit her head with the oven door if you leave a dish towel hanging from the handle and she pulls on it. If your oven has settings, check to see whether one lets you lock the door. Otherwise, the safest thing to do is install an oven latch or put a baby gate across the entrance to the kitchen.

Child Safety Tips For Summer

You probably know to keep knives away from your baby, but did you know that an average of one child every hour has a high chair-related injury? Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your kitchen and help keep your child safe while you prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Stove knobs are removed. Pull them off when you're not cooking. Even better, use a stove guard -- a plastic or metal shield that attaches to the front -- which makes it harder for curious hands to reach burners. Dr. Schmidt prefers a guard to knob covers, which don't fit all stoves and can be inconvenient to use. Be sure to cook on the back burners whenever possible, and never let pan handles face forward.

TV is mounted. If a child tries to climb on a TV stand, the set can fall on her. Mount your television securely on the wall, if possible. TVs on stands need to be anchored to the wall too: Slip industrial-strength Velcro straps through the air-vent holes and connect them to eye hooks that you screw into the wall.

Sharp corners on furniture is a big one to look out for all over the house. Softening these up with things like corner guards means if your child has a tumble they won’t seriously hurt themselves on the living room table. Also think about items such as a bookcases, TVs, and anything else that could fall over without too much effort. Ensure anything that should be secured to the wall is secured to the wall.

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You may also be overconfident about your own child's understanding. In the UAB study, when researchers asked the moms to point out items that would be hazardous for their toddler, they made statements like, "My child isn't curious about the toilet" or "my child knows not to play with matches" and flagged only 40 percent of the real risks.

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Tub faucet is covered. Rubber spout covers can protect your toddler from bangs and bruises. Also, because your child could burn himself if he turns up the hot water, make sure your water heater is set to 120?F. If you live in an apartment building and can't adjust yours, install an anti-scald device on the faucet itself. These have sensors that stop the flow of water when it reaches a dangerous temperature.

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