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WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) provides a broad range of information and advice on environmental issues including eco-design and packaging. Read information and advice on environmental issues on their website.

If you import fireworks, you must ensure they comply with the EU safety standards, carry the CE mark and supply information at the point of entry to ensure that fireworks are legally stored and distributed. This information should be given to HM Revenue & Customs and will then be sent to the relevant authorities responsible for storage licences so they can check on deliveries.

As a manufacturer or supplier you could be held liable in any legal action for harm caused to consumers or businesses as a result of unintended side-effects or the failure of products manufactured or supplied by you.

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UK local authority enforcers have a duty to inform BEIS of products placed on the market that present a serious risk to consumers. Email the BEIS Rapex Unit for the Rapex guidance note and form:

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General advice for businesses on corrective actions including product recalls is also provided by the Product Safety Forum of Europe (Prosafe). This voluntary guide is supported by market surveillance authorities in member states and consumer and trade organisations in the EU.

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All businesses must ensure the products they put on the market are safe, but if a safety issue is later identified, a planned course of action is critical in order to provide a timely and effective response. This government-backed Code of Practice is intended to help businesses deal with product recalls. It was developed by BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body, with extensive input from Trading Standards, fire and rescue authorities, consumer interest groups and industry bodies.

When you dispose of a product, check that the parts and materials can be dismantled without causing harm or releasing toxic or harmful substances. Ensure that the recycling of any parts or materials will not release toxic or harmful substances.

You can only sell fireworks that conform to EU safety standards and which carry the CE mark and meet certain noise conditions. They must have the CE mark printed on each item or on the retail packaging.

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Fireworks are available throughout the year from shops licensed to supply them. They become widely available at certain times of the year, mainly a few days before New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, and in the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night on 5 November.

The act also covers any purpose that a customer asks about when the product is purchased and is guaranteed by the retailer to meet that purpose when it is sold. If a product is not fit for purpose, the customer is within their rights to return and receive a refund or have the goods replaced or repaired.

The GPS Regulations recognise certain technical standards as carrying a presumption of conformity with the general safety requirement, meaning that products that comply with them are deemed to be safe.

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If you manufacture category 1, 2 or 3 fireworks or import category 1, 2 or 3 fireworks which are manufactured outside the EU, you must ensure they conform to European safety standards before supplying them for sale to the public. To do this, you need to ensure that the fireworks have been tested by a notified body (NB).

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