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Autism Child Safety Products

If I Need Help  Non profit offers personal wearable QR codes on patches, pins, clips, iD cards and shoe tags that can be scanned or entered into the site to view a live profile.  It can be updated in real time and it can be emailed to others if a search is needed.  Sign ups and memberships are free.

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Care Trak The Original Law Enforcement Rescue Program that electronically tracks people with Alzheimer's who wander and special needs kids. Sheriffs, Police, Fire Departments, SAR Teams, etc. use Care Trak to quickly locate at risk individuals.

Safety Products And Services

SafetyTat SafetyTat is a fun and colorful temporary safety child ID tattoo that's uniquely offered either customized with your mobile phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of child identification.

Autism Child Safety Products

KeepMeSafeID ID bracelets using QR code technology that allows users to provide as much information as they see fit. Our IDs, when scanned, also send Alert Messages that tell the emergency contacts when the ID was scanned and provides a GPS location. The user can also upload an unlimited number of documents to be saved and retrieved for use at any time. For example, upload your child's IEP so there is no need to worry about wondering where you put those IEP papers.

Child Safety Testing Products

With autism can come a number of different safety risks. And being higher functioning doesn’t necessarily make a child safer. Here are some of the concerns autism parents may need to keep in mind, depending upon their individual child’s age, functional level, personality, and behaviors:

Some people with autism elope, no matter how carefully parents and caregivers manage the environment. When that happens, safety depends on your ability to quickly and accurately track and find your loved one. Fortunately, there is a wide range of GPS tracking devices on the market at different price points. Be sure you choose one that will not be removed (ordinary wristbands, for example, may not be a good choice).

Shoelace Bands  Shoelace Bands offer safety from trips and falls by using comfortable shoelace bands that conform to your feet and prevent unwanted loose laces. Teachers and aids often do not have time for repeated tying of shoes for multiple students and students are often embarrassed to ask to have them tied.  These are colorful bands that are only $10.00 and offer safety, style and independence.

BE SAFE The Movie (BSTM)  BE SAFE The Movie uses video modeling to show teens and adults with ASD how to interact safely with the police. Actors on the spectrum and real police and teach viewers what to do in different police encounters, ranging from a casual meeting to an arrest. See the movie trailer here.

The Find’em Scent Kit Providing the child’s personal scent to Search & Rescue First Responders saves valuable time in an emergency, because the K-9 Bloodhound tracking dogs have an uncontaminated scent to track, and more likely the ability to have a successful outcome and safe recovery. The Scent Kit package contains the instructions and tools necessary to easily and scientifically collect a child’s scent, as well as the Scent Safe container for convenient storage for one year.

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Child Safety Information and Resources 2019 10-03-15
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