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Child Car Seat Rules South Australia

Some ride sharing services may provide a car seat for a surcharge and others won’t, so be sure to check with the company before booking.  If you don’t notify the company that a child will be travelling with you then they may refuse service on pick up if you don’t supply a child restraint yourself.

Taxis - In South Australia, taxi drivers are not required to provide child restraints or booster seats.  We recommend you provide your own child restraint when travelling in a taxi or look for an alternative service that can provide an appropriate child restraint.

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Bus - bus drivers are exempt from ensuring passengers under 16 years of age are restrained. A bus is defined as a motor vehicle designed to carry over 12 adults (including the driver). If a vehicle is designed to carry 12 adults or less (including the driver) it is not a bus and the driver is not exempt from ensuring all passengers are appropriately restrained.

Children are safer when travelling in the back seat.  So no matter what your child's friends are allowed to do or how much pressure your child is putting on you to sit in the front, keep their safety a priority and buckle them up in the back seat.

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ISOFIX compatible restraints may be used, providing they are Australian Standards approved. The Australian Design Rules for vehicles provide an option for ISOFIX low anchorages in the vehicle with a corresponding top tether anchorage point. A pair of ISOFIX compatible lower attachment connectors for rearward and forward facing child restraints is provided as an option in the Australian/New Zealand Standard for child restraints (AS/NZS 1754:2013) in addition to the top tether strap. Seats made with the new system will also have the current seatbelt system so they can still be used when ISOFIX is not available in the car. It is illegal to use an ISOFIX compatible restraint from overseas.

The driver of a ride sharing service, such as Uber, does not have an exemption from the child restraint laws and so must comply with all of the requirements for children up to 16 years of age.  This includes limousine services as well.

To qualify for an exemption your child may need a medical certificate (which must be carried by the driver at all times when the child is traveling in the vehicle) or a vehicle inspection may be required to ensure the anchor point is strong enough to carry a heavier, special purpose restraint. Seek advice from a health professional, such as an occupational therapist, who can prescribe the restraint which is best suited for the child.  Once you've found a restraint to suit your child, ensure you are meeting the legal requirements for the option you have chosen.  Contact a Child restraint fitting centre or Vehicle Services at Regency Park on 1300 882 248 for further advice.

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Children with a disability or medical condition often require special consideration when being transported in motor vehicles.  In some cases you may need an exemption to allow your child to use a modified or special purpose child restraint that does not comply with Australian Standard 1754.

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