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Usually about $45. This top-rated Kidco safety gate is the best all-around for the top of the stairs. We also think it deserves a spot on the doorway list above, but this is specifically designed for the top of the stairs so we'll keep it here. The Kidco Safeway gate meets a lot of the criteria we mentioned above: no step-over bar along the bottom edge, can be attached to railing posts and/or walls, and is well-reviewed. It also has a one-handed operation, doesn't automatically swing shut, and in our testing we found it sturdy and reliable. It also prevents swinging out over the stairs with a one-direction swing/hinge mechanism. You can easily reverse this for your specific stairway configuration. Obviously, at the bottom of the stairs it can only swing one way to begin with, but this becomes relevant for the top of the stairs mounting. It is also available in black or white, to suit different styles. In our testing, we found that the provided screws were a bit too short and may not have a strong enough hold. In the end, we purchased different screws, though we do think it probably would have been completely fine with the existing screws. For people who don't mind drilling/screwing into their railings, this gate is an excellent option. We configured the Kidco Safeway gate for openings from 28" to 43.5" wide, and even got it to work really well on an oddly-angled wall by using the included hinge mounts. Interested? You can check out this Kidco Baby Gate here.

I bought this gate at Bunnings & should have known that you get what you pay for as it was very cheap. We looked for instructions on-line about putting the gate together but found nothing from the company. We eventually found out that we were missing some parts so had to go back to the store.

Make sure your doorway isn't too wide! Some baby gates come with extensions to accommodate larger doorways, but other gates do not. Keep in mind, if your door opening is greater than 31" wide, then you will likely need at least one extension. In our recommendations, we provide specifications regarding door widths and when available, links to extension kits that fit the application.

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Strong fencing that it easy to assemble into a playpen straight out of the box. The joints lock to either a hexagon or square shape. It can be configured as a barrier or playpen. It also has a swinging gate. For bigger rooms it's possible to connect multiple barriers together to form a larger playpen. When I put my child in the playpen I feel at ease to do housework. We have 2 playpens - 1 in the living room and 1 in the kitchen so baby can always see Mummy. Happy baby, happy Mum, happy house! Preassembled, works straight out of the box Joints could be more regid when locked into place

Usually about $90. The DreamBaby gate is very similar to the Summer Infant option above. It is a tension extra tall gate with a 2" threshold along the bottom edge, very sturdy construction, a child-proof locking mechanism, one-handed opening, swings both directions, and automatically swings shut. The opening is about 18" wide, which is a little better than the above options. This gate, if bought from Amazon, includes extensions for people with doorways larger than the typical 31", which is why it's the "extra tall and wide" version. In our tests, we could get it to fit a doorway as small as 38" wide, and as wide as about 70" (which is more like an opening between rooms than a doorway!). If your doorway is smaller (normal, like 28-32" wide), you can get the same gate but not as wide for about $50. Disadvantages? It doesn't have a hold-open feature to keep it open at 90-degrees, unlike the North States safety gate. Also, in one of our test units, the locking mechanism failed after a few months of use. The other one is still going strong without issues, so not sure what happened in the quality assurance department. As with any gate, be careful of small parts (screws, nuts) that can fall off if not tightened properly, so be sure to occasionally check the gate for loose parts. Interested? You can check out this DreamBaby Gate here.

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