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I cannot believe it's taken me so long to write a review for Gene!  He is seriously AWESOME!!  We have 2 very weird stairwells, and Gene came in and installed some really nice looking gates for us.  My husband said that would have probably taken him 2 days to put something like that in, but Gene did it in a couple of hours.  He also brought specialized wood panels to match and to help fit the gate in the opening.   Besides the gates, Gene also recommended and provided many other baby proofing items for us that we may not have even considered (stove knob covers, a holder for our blinds strings, etc.)  And lastly, he tethered both our bookshelf and TV to the wall so our daughter cannot pull them down on herself.   Gene was sooooo nice!  I love working with super nice people!  Highly recommended!

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Safe Baby Boundaries is a great service!! As a mother of 3, keeping my children safe is my top priority. After inquiring within, they came out right away to do a home evaluation. They returned just a few days later to complete the installation. Not only was the process quick and easy, but I am confident my home is Baby Safe. I am so pleased with the result. Thanks SBB for putting this busy mom at ease!! Holly C. Lincoln Park

Gene installed our three baby gates nearly 6 years ago (all still in perfectly good condition!), and just recently came back to help install some new cabinet locks.  He was quick, friendly, and very professional.  I would recommend him to all..

Unless you are tim the toolman Taylor, you may have no idea what you are doing when it comes time to baby proof your house.  I highly recommend you call Gene! He pointed out hazards we didn't realize we had and provided affordable and practical solutions.  The house was baby-proofed in less than a day, saving us time, money and most importantly doing this the right way.  Do you really want to take a guess on how to install a gate on your third floor?  Me neither. Gene is super nice and also cleans up as he goes so all that is left is your nice safe house!

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We got Gene's contact information when we asked another family for their recommendation on baby proofing our home. He truly is such a great person to work with. I initially contacted him over the Safe Baby Boundaries website and he got back to me by the end of the day. An appointment was scheduled for a couple of days later and my husband said he was very professional when doing the house walk-through. Our walls have molding and installing gates had become a challenge for us. Gene came in and installed wood panels to match the molding and help fit the gate; he also installed drawer locks and stove knob covers. He also tethered the TVs to the wall as well as a couple of dressers. Overall working with Gene was such a great and EASY experience, he is a very nice and honest person and we highly recommend him!

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