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Child Safety Matters

Health and Community Services Union state secretary Tim Jacobson said the only explanation for this forecast was that the bar was being raised on what constituted a notification, putting children at risk.

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I was terribly disappointed with their service. Not only is the owner a great salesman (promising the world) but is also terrible at returning phone calls. I felt like he painted an amazing picture of babyproofing when he did the estimate, but when installation guy arrived, (1) was only able to complete half the job for a VERY pricey cost (I could have ordered off of amazon for lower price), (2) handed me boxes of cord protectors and powerstrip covers and said I had to install myself because their attorney told them to do so (they were sued for breaking computer of client), and (3) could not follow through on stove protection as previously discussed. Very disappointing.

At the time, Mr Jaensch said there was an extra $24 million in the budget over the next four years to allow the Government "to get on with the job" of redesigning the child protection system and to recruit more staff.

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If I could give zero stars, I would. Similar to the other reviews, I was promised the world. The initial meeting was fantastic and I was excited to move forward with the safety gate installation. I required a couple of follow-up visits due to poor installation and had to pester the owner for weeks before I even got a return call. It's been months and I'm still waiting for a response from the last email I sent. Go with another company!

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Last month, a child safety officer said the threshold for serious child safety notifications had increased, resulting in the case of a four-week-old baby with serious head injuries not being immediately visited by the department.

This program involves the family or other support systems in the individual's treatment: Personnel at the school where MBF Child Safety Matters is implemented are shown a PowerPoint presentation containing the information the students learn and are welcome to do the online training (see training section below).

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"Our primary interest, of course, is the welfare of the children as learners, and as people who want them to be safe, healthy and happy, so it is absolutely essential that cases get followed through."

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Lessons should be presented anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks apart; however, they can be presented within any time frame appropriate for the classroom and allowed by teachers. The curriculum is intended to be presented every year with the content in grade-specific lessons increasing in complexity and reinforcing previously taught concepts as well.

The principal, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of losing their job, said they were deeply shocked when they found out a call they had made to child protection services several weeks ago was not even recorded.

Horrible, unreliable, unprofessional company! They baby proofed my house for a ridiculous amount of money. Missed many socket outlets, even missed one in my children's playroom which made me furious! They use crappy cheap gates and other baby proofing items that you can buy on amazon for a fraction of the cost they charge you for! And good luck getting a hold of them or getting a call back if you need them to fix or finish the service they been already paid for!!!! It's very disappointing bc at the walk through the owner who's an excellent sales person (Larry) promises you the world!!!! It's a bad, careless and unorganized company.

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