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Child Safety Products India

To protect your child's head or eyes from sharp corners or edges, you can install edge guards on low coffee tables or longer cushions on shelves. Expandable table protectors that encircle the table edges are also available in several colors.

Child Safety Products For Home

Your household furniture can be dangerous for a crawling child. Sharp edges or tipping dressers can significantly injure a baby, so you should install safety items to lower this risk. There are a number of items that can baby-proof your furniture and electronics.

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These devices can be installed on the entire wall plate and look like a typical outlet plate. However, these have some mechanism that blocks little fingers but allows you to insert an electrical plug as needed. Some versions come in different colors to match your décor. Others have swinging covers for each outlet hole and allows you to use one part at a time while the other outlet stays closed.

3m Baby Safety Products

These allow you to listen to your infant or child while you are in another part of the house. Monitors have so many different features including video and portable hand units so you can listen on the go.

Electrical outlets can provide a dangerous shock for your little one if a finger or other object is inserted into the power slot. Using outlet covers can prevent this; usually they are easy for an adult to use if the outlet is needed. There are several types of child-proofing items that can be used on outlets.

Target Child Safety Products

To a crawler or walker, the stairs may look like the next frontier but unfortunately, the staircase can be the cause of serious injury or death. To prevent unplanned trips down the stairs, you should install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. There are two types of gates - pressure-mounted and mounted gates.

Our array of products includes wide range of RFID & biometrics, and surveillance system, providing complete automation to schools and other educational institutions. We use the latest technology, tools and products, in the field of communication. Our solutions work in wireless mode, completely based on cloud services and GPS technology. This is managed by a strong technical support team who monitors cloud services 24/7. We ensure best in class services, right from pre installation of the product to complete implementation. The data will be stored in cloud server in encrypted mode.  Moreover, the products are thoroughly tested, before handing over to the client. 

Autism Child Safety Products

Although pool fences are important for any pool, the Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that you also add a pool alarm and an alarm on the door to the pool to let people know that a child, a pet, or a trespasser has gone outside.

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Between the fragile glassware, hot stove, cleaning products, and sharp implements, the kitchen can also be quite a risky room for little ones. Luckily, there are a number of products to make things safer.

Fingers or other items like toys or sandwiches can be placed in VCRs or DVD players. To keep your child from placing items into your family VCR, you can purchase a clear cover that allows you to use your remote control normally.

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