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Where you plan to put the gate matters! Simple swing-open gates are great for doorways and at the top and bottom of stairs. But the ones that are tension-fit require walls on each side to support the outward pressure mounts; do not attempt to install these tension-fit gates in situations where one side is a wall and the other side is a railing post (like at the top or bottom of stairs). The outward pressure mounts will push the railings to the side and eventually give you a wobbly railing. The outward pressure mount gates are easy to install, but simply not safe near stairs. Also, do not install a gate at the top of the stairs if it has a bottom (step-over) rail - this is a serious tripping hazard, and should always be avoided. Because of these different uses of baby gates, we categorize gates by their primary uses: ordinary/doorways, versus top-of-stairs (sometimes called a banister gate). If you ever plan on using the gate near the stairs, then check out something like the Kidco Safeway gate, which is fantastic and can also be used in doorways if needed. The other option is to seal off an entire area (like a baby corral), or seal off a room with a very large entranceway; in either case, something like the North States Metal Superyard gates would work really well. 

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The top of the stairs is a difficult and dangerous location, and there are only a few baby gates for stairs that we recommend. Here are our criteria: no step-over bar along the bottom edge (you do not want to trip at the top of your stairs!), can be attached to a variety of configurations (railing posts, walls with moldings), wide enough to fit a variety of stair configurations, doesn't automatically swing shut (so there is no risk of the gate swinging and bumping you or a baby in the back, risking a fall down the stairs), is easy to use in our hands-on testing, and well-reviewed by parents.

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Originally the gate was great. It was easy to install and it worked well. We had no problems with it shutting and was securely locked. However after 12 months (just past the warranty) it stopped latching properly when it was opened inward. We could still use it perfectly fine opening outward but thought it would be best to replace it since our 18 month old is getting into everything. It seemed as though it was just an issue with the plastic on the latch becoming disformed after 12 months of slamming shut. We bought the same gate as it was a good price however this one only lasted a day. The latch on the bottom of the gate is completely faulty. It doesn't stop the swinging gate. It has essentially become useless as my son has figured out that all you need to do is push it and he can get down the stairs. I will definitely not be replacing it with another "Perma" child gate. There is nothing safe about this gate.

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