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Child Safety Locks For Stove Knobs

Gene did a fantastic job installing gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. We have metal railings which we did not want to drill into and he installed a special mount to avoid drilling into the railing. He was fast, friendly, and affordable and I'm so happy we opted for his assistance.

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It is a pleasure to be a client of Safe Baby Boundaries.  We recently moved into a new house, and I'm happy to say that this is the second home that SBB has made safe for our daughter.  Gene is as professional as they come, explains all of your safety options, and doesn't try to up-sell you on unnecessary work.  My daughter is a very curious girl, and I'm quite confident in her security at home as Gene placed safety gates on each landing of stairways on both the inside and outside of the house, as well as safety latches on many drawers and cabinets.  Furthermore, he anchored many free-standing pieces of furniture to the wall to prevent accidental pull-downs.   As he works, Gene cleans up any residual dirt from drilling, packaging material, etc.  When it comes time to remove the safety devices, Gene will come back out and make things look as if he was never there.  Fantastic! I have no hesitation in recommending and encouraging everyone I know (and you on Yelp) with a small child(ren) to call Gene and have Safe Baby Boundaries come out and make your home safe too.

Child Safety Laws Victoria

Set up appointment for this AM at 7:30 and Gene never showed. My wife wasted her morning waiting and when I tried to call, his voicemail was full. Don't waste your time with this place--unless your time isn't valuable and you like getting stood up.

Glad I had Gene come to do an assessment & then do the work! I was playing phone tag with another company (& being a busy mom, I'm not always near my phone or available to answer a call) but you would think they would call you back by the end of the business day. Guess they didn't really need the business?  Oh well, happy I was able to give it to SBB!  Gene is super nice & was honest about what needed to be done ASAP or what could wait so you don't have to pay for 'everything' right now. As the baby starts to reach higher areas & go to other areas of our place I will probably be giving Gene a call to do more work unless we move first. But even then I would call him to install stuff at the new place! Since I'm pretty anal retentive about things looking clean, it was refreshing that his work made the baby-proofing items blend in really well ! While you can't avoid but notice a baby gate, at least it doesn't totally stand out! : )  He also installed plexiglass to cover the big gaps in our railings and you barely notice it's there!    * the website has pictures of his work if you want to see On top of all this, Gene vacuumed up any anything he had to drill etc. & took off his shoes when he came in.  (I hate when people come to work on anything in the house & wear their shoes in without asking if they need to wear the shoe booties if they aren't going to remove their shoes). Save yourself the headache & have SBB's come to install some if not all of your baby proofing needs!

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