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Diy Child Safety Door Locks

The first rule of baby-proofing: Assume your child can get into much more mischief than seems possible. One must-do—look at things from the baby’s point-of-view. That means getting down on your knees or belly for a view. We’ve listed some ways you can alter common items in your house to protect your baby, toddler, or young child.

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3. Sock it to knobs: To keep little hands from turning door knobs, cover them with a spare sock and wrap a hair tie or rubber band around the base to hold the sock in place. An adult can still squeeze and turn the handle, but a child won’t be able to.

5. Place dishtowels out of reach: Nix the dishtowel hanging off of your oven door handle. Tots can pull down on it and open a hot oven or injure themselves with the heavy door. Move towels to a higher shelf or windowsill, or put up command hooks out of reach.

Not only can it be tricky for crawling babies and toddlers to get around in a crowded living room, little ones can also be injured by heavy objects falling on them. Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your living room and help keep your child safe.

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The solution: Anchor the TV, and any other top-heavy furniture, to the wall. This is the best way to insure the baby doesn’t rock a TV stand or pull the TV onto himself or herself. Most sets come with an anchor mechanism; if you can’t find yours, you can buy another at a department or electronics store. If you’re at a friend’s house, of course, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way: Watch the child like a hawk.

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TVs, as heavy appliances that most families keep within reach, present constant danger for growing children. The estimated number of TV-related ER visits has increased by about 31 percent, according to As TVs get slimmer in the age of flat-screens, they become more and more top heavy and therefore more prone to tip over.

Electrical outlets are extremely dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 70 percent of child-related electrical accidents occur at home, when adult supervision is present. Modern homes have too many outlets to leave shock up to chance.

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The solution: First, move all glass, small, and heavy objects off reachable surfaces. Put them in higher spots or pack them away altogether. Remember heavy coasters or coffee table books. Then, tape washcloths or cut off tennis balls to the corners of tables and shelves. We recommend using painters’ tape because it is easier on paint and wood finishes.

12. Get a handle on vertical drawers: Slide a yardstick or tension rod (or another long, thin object) through the handles of horizontally stacked drawers, rather than spending time and money on individual locks.

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We don’t realize how many sharp corners exist in our lives until they threaten our little ones. Low shelves and tables represent a twofold risk: sharp corners, and heavy items your baby could pull onto himself.

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