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Child Safety Harness For Walking

Child harnesses are designed to provide safety for a child when walking by preventing them from being separated from their parent or carer. Additionally, some may be used to make a child stay seated in a stroller or high chair. Typically used for children between one and four years of age, the use of a child harness depends on a variety of factors including the age and maturity of the child, as well as any perceived dangers such as busy roads, large crowds, and potential distractions. Other factors such as neurological and health conditions may also be considered, especially for older children with special supervisory requirements.

The Special Needs Harness has 2 chest straps that comfortably hug larger bodies to securely hold onto your child. Adjust the shoulder straps and chest straps to fit over winter layers and growing bodies. The detachable lead is 5 feet 8 inches long to allow for plenty of freedom. Order your harness with a Permanent Handle to keep your child at your side in crowded places or for short walks to the car.

Your Special Needs Safety Harness is made to fit the person who will be wearing it. There is some basic information regarding their measurements that we need to ensure the harness fits perfectly now and for years to come. All these questions are on our order form. You will need the person's

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Excellent Material - Our anti lost wrist are made of superior cotton which has strong flexibility and good gas-permeability. The c...onnecting rope is made of stainless steel and wrapped with plastic, never worry this safety harness will be cut by knife.Soft & Comfortable - Soft double layer Velcro for kids' hands, not easy to take off by themselves. The size of wrist strap can be adjusted according to your need, the soft sponge pad in the wrist strap make it comfortable to wear for both adult and kids.Multipurpose - Suitable for vacation or walks in public, crowded places, like super market, subway, playground. Keep toddlers close, ensure their safety during travel in public with crowed people; Keep children safe while give them confidence, encouraging them to explore the environment.Easy to use - Come with 2 lengths child wrist links: 1.5m orange links and 2.5m blue links. Specially designed for your kids of different ages. All you need to do is connect the wristbands to adult's and kids' hands respectively.RISK FREE GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with your wrist link straps, contact us any time, we will get you back within 24 hours and try our best to make things right! Note: Only used to prevent children from losing when they go out, but do not prevent children from falling down and can¡¯t be used as a walking training equipment.Package include: 2 x baby anti lost wrist link( 2.5m blue + 1.5m orange)Attention Please: This anti lost wrist link is only used to keep the kids from losing, it cannot prevent the kids from falling on the ground and can't be used for training to walkThis harness has the elasticity, it will have a mutual pull between kids and parents when wearing it. So when going out, parents should keep following the kids closely to avoid the pull making kids lose balance and fall.We suggest the parents should wear the item first, next the kids wear it, in order to prevent the kids from running away before you, and then you can go together.Perfect After-Sales Service:Moretek provides our customers with warranty as non-artificial damages, 1-month replacement, 12-month warranty. If you receive defective items or meet any other problems, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.Also we will provide you with friendly customer service, Moretek always values every customer and would like to help you as soon as possible.Email: leedtechinc@hotmail. read more

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