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Child Safety Locks For Stove Knobs

Gene did a wonderful job baby proofing our new home! He was professional, fast and pleasant to work with. The baby gates he installed look beautiful and are sturdy. I liked that Gene lets you decide how much or how little you want to baby proof. . .I will definitely be hiring him again to do other baby proofing jobs in our home.

child safety locks for stove knobs

Gene installed our three baby gates nearly 6 years ago (all still in perfectly good condition!), and just recently came back to help install some new cabinet locks.  He was quick, friendly, and very professional.  I would recommend him to all..

Child Safety Llc New Haven

Im way overdue on this post. Nearly 2 years ago, I had Gene come to my home and install some items. Great prompt service. reasonable pricing and offered suggestions when prompted. He was not pushy and quickly worked. Fast forward to now. One of my gates was wearing down and he returned to adjust with another piece as a COURTESY! I had every intention of paying a service call because these gates are used very hard with children. Its unreasonable to think thy should last forever. Very impressed with his leverl of customer service and will be having him back to install more items for baby #2 who is officially terrorizing us.

child safety door knob covers oval

Gene runs a top notch business. The quality of his work was second to none.  He inspected our older home with a very tricky and winding staircase...  and came up with not only a sturdy gating solution, but it seamlessly blended with the look of the entire staircase. Fair prices and top quality work.

Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

Gene is awesome. He knows all the products on the market, doesn't try to sell you anything you don't need, and has a solution for any child safety issue in the home. He's child proofed two homes for me (we moved while our daughter was still a toddler) and I highly recommend the company. Quality work for a very reasonable price, clean and respectful installation and peace of mind.

We asked Gene to install a variety of safety devices in our condo rental to protect our one year old from a variety of dangers.  We had a pretty good idea about what we wanted, and Gene was accommodating and offered a few ideas of his own.  He installed locks on pocket doors and closets, bolted mirrors and televisions to walls, installed a gate, furniture brackets, and put latches on bathroom cabinets and multiple kitchen drawers.  One of the more creative things he did was put large Plexiglass coverings on oven panels and stereo equipment (attached with Velcro).  The total cost was around $500, which seemed about right given the custom attention we received.  A year and a half after the installation, we called Gene to remove some of the equipment and repair some of the walls.  There was a small charge for this visit which was more than reasonable given the time involved and value to us.  Bottom line: Gene helped us minimize risk to our child during a vulnerable time in his rambunctious life, and he was kind enough to come back out to take his stuff away and make minor repairs when there really wasn't anything in it for him by way of profit.  We recommend Gene and his Safe Baby Boundaries company without reservation!

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