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Bi-fold door locks can be used on closet and pantry doors to keep kids out; other types of door locks can be used on typical doors to keep kids in and to keep the door from slamming on someone's fingers.

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A window guard is a barrier that goes across the opening that can keep your child from tumbling out. However, for windows that are on the 6th floor or lower, the window guard needs to be able to be easily opened by adults and older children in case of fire. These guards come in different sizes for different styles of windows, and the bars should be around 4 inches apart.

All hot tubs and pools should be surrounded by a pool fence. Most pool fences need to be professionally installed; however, there are some that come with instructions and tools to allow for home installation as well. Some fences even comes in a variety of colors to match your yard d├ęcor.

One of the first safety items all moms and dads will use is a car seat to transport their new baby home. Car seats aren't a luxury; they're a requirement by law. Studies have shown that fewer children are injured or killed in car accidents when car seats are used correctly. Be sure and check with your state to see what the age and weight requirements are for car seat use. Usually, once a child reaches a certain age, a booster seat is acceptable for car riding.

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Another important key in protecting your home is to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. You need to install these throughout the house - including in or at the doorways of your children's rooms. It is also important to check these each month to make sure they are functioning properly.

Kitchen appliances can be hazardous for babies and toddlers, but several products are designed to help. Stove knob covers can keep the child from turning on the oven or stove top. Another item to protect your children is a stove guard which is a piece of plastic that prevents a child from touching the hot stove eyes.

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Some guards can be used for both vertical and horizontal windows. There are also services that can help you determine what type of windows you have in your home so that you can buy the right sized guards. If you don't want to use a window rail, you can still keep child from falling out of a window using window stops. These stops keep the windows from opening wide enough for a child to fit through.

Curious children can tip over televisions, dressers, bookshelves, or other furniture items. Installing anchors that make it difficult to pull these items over can protect your child and your furniture investment. These can be straps or brackets; both can be used to prevent tipping. The weight of the furniture may also impact the type of - or number of -- brackets or straps that you use to prevent falls. Locks to protect your flat screen TVs from tipping are also available.

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