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Child Safety Kit App

As soon as the child launches the game, they will be welcomed with an attractive map listing all the 12 chapters with matching pictures. Only 3 can be played for free, the rest can be unlocked for $1/chapter.

The app makes it easy for the parents to define rules and halt actions by force that go against the rules. Additionally, whenever your child tries to access anything restricted or crosses device usage limit, you’ll get a notification.

Being able to track your kid’s location and chat with them anytime you like is probably the best way to keep them safe. And Life360 does an amazing job of keeping your whole family connected all the time. It’s a tracking app that keeps complete record of where your kids are currently and where they were the whole day. You can also send personal messages and even talk in group chats.

A smartphone is a big responsibility, and as parents, you would want to make sure your children don’t go astray with their devices. The leading cybersecurity company Kaspersky offers a reliable all-in-one tracking and controlling tool for your child’s smartphone.

Right now, the Child ID app is only available for use on iPhones and can only be downloaded for free from the App Store on iTunes, but we plan to expand this tool to other types of mobile devices in the near future. And we’ll be adding new features—including the ability to upload other photos stored on your smart phone—in the coming weeks and months.

To sum it up, TrueMotion offers great tracking features to ensure your family members (especially teens) are driving safely, and at the same time create a sense of competition to motivate everyone to drive safely.

Once installed, the app will ask you to create a pin. This pin will be used for securing the app from unauthorized access. When you are inside, you can follow step-by-step instructions to install Kaspersky SafeKids on your child’s particular device.

You can add a bunch of apps in your child’s smartphone to keep them safe in both the digital world and the real world. You can monitor their phone activity, teach them safety lessons, or even track their current location to ensure they stay away from harm.

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When is comes to child safety, the more tools the better! At what point did we stop talking to our children about ways they can be safer in the community, and at what point did we stop preparing ourselves as parents to better protect our children? This is a great app, with even better customer service. The representative was more than helpful, and has become part of our family!

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The tracking and chatting features are completely free, but if you want some additional control and features then there is a premium version as well. With Life360 Plus ($50/year) you can see tracking history from last 30 days, create location alerts, track a lost phone, get help in the emergency from real people, and even get roadside assistance.

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