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Child Safety Gates Reviews

Little fingers pinch very easily! We don't recommend any of the wooden retractable gates, wooden expanding gates, or the gates with the pressure locking bars. These increase the risk of finger pinching, and in some cases lacerations, and should be avoided. But if you have a pet-only home and you're trying to keep your dog in certain areas, they're quite good for that purpose!

Usually about $70. This Cardinal baby gate comes in white (pictured), brown, black, and wood. It uses a really unique locking mechanism that none of our testing kiddos could figure out, which is a good thing! The best part is that it took about 5 tries for adults to master it, and once they did it was easily unlocked with one hand. The secret is to push down on both latch tabs while pulling up on the gate. That type of manual dexterity won't be found in a sneaky toddler trying to thwart your every attempt at keeping them safe! It meets all of the criteria we mentioned above: no step-over bar along the bottom edge, it can be attached to railing posts and/or walls, and is very well-reviewed. It doesn't swing shut automatically behind you, though it does close automatically if you give it a forceful swing shut. Like the Kidco gate, this can be mounted at up to a 30-degree angle for those imperfect stairway scenarios, so this is a great baby gate for unique angles between railings and adjacent walls. Notice how the pictured is mounted at an angle, that's a great capability that can fit basically all sorts of wall and railing layouts. It does have a stop-bracket to prevent swinging out over the stairs, but this is optional if you decide not to install it. The width adjusts from 26" to 40" wide, and it is just under 30" tall. In our testing, we found the Cardinal gates installation a little complicated, but we do note that there is a great video here (see the 5th image) that shows a step-by-step installation. Very helpful for those who aren't super handy, and the Cardinal Gates Stairway models are some of the best baby gates of the year! Interested? You can check out this Cardinal Baby Gate here.

This product is really great i use 5 for fencing my dog outside and i dont have that worry that he will get out on the road better than pool fencening panels that i used i would highly recommend this product i even used it with my little ones to keep them in and worry free

Usually about $50. The North State baby safety gate for the top-of-stairs is basically tied for second place - it's a toss-up between the Kidco and North State options. It has all the great features as the Kidco gate, such as one-handed open, reviewed as sturdy and reliable. It doesn't swing shut automatically, but if you give it a forceful shutting swing it does lock automatically without any issues, just like the Kidco. There are only a few differences. First, the North States is brown/bronze or linen color rather than white or black, and fits applications that are a bit wider (up to about 46"). People actually report that the North State locking mechanism is a bit better than the Kidco, since you do not have to lift the gate to open it, but that wasn't our experience. We used it on openings from 28" to 46" - note that some places list it as up to a 48" opening, but that wasn't our experience.

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