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Child Safety On The Information Highway

The following tables were developed to show the costs associated with motor vehicle crashes and specifically how increased seat belt use age could decrease those costs. The data has been limited to occupants of passenger motor vehicles over the age of six. The (Actual) total number of motor vehicle occupants, the number using seat belts, the number not using seat belts and the expected totals (assuming 100% seat belt use) are shown by injury type for each county. The costs associated with the injuries are also shown.

Serious and, often times, fatal crashes are the result of distracted driving. Anytime you take your eyes off the road, your hands off the steering wheel, and/or take your mind off driving, you become a distracted driver.

It is important to read and clearly understand all safety and booster seat installation and use instructions. Having your child safety seat initially inspected and re-inspected often by a trained professional increases your child’s chances of escaping injury in the event of a car crash.

Child Safety Tips For Parents

What are Local Teens Doing? Youth all over the state are doing wonderful things to get the word out about distracted driving. Did your school create a message to teens about the dangers of texting and driving or distracted driving. If so, tell us about it. We’d love to share it with other teens around the state. Send us a link to your YouTube video, the PSA, or a .jpg of the artwork to:

Carma McKinnon is the statewide Child Passenger Safety Centralized Leadership coordinator. Carma works for the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office in Salmon. If you need assistance regarding child passenger safety, don’t hesitate to contact Carma at (208) 742-1683 or

Emergency service personnel across Idaho have a tool available to help identify small children involved in motor vehicle crashes. The WHALE program “We Have A Little Emergency” gives instant identification of a child in a car safety seat in the event that an adult in the car is injured and unable to talk.

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Idaho’s child passenger safety law requires all children 6 years of age or younger be properly restrained in an appropriate child safety restraint. This is a primary law, and current infraction penalties and fees may be reviewed on the Idaho Supreme Court’s website Infraction Penalty Schedule.

Child Safety On The Information Highway — 2013 — 20th Anniversary Edition

Crash records are considered public information, and as such, are available to the general public. In accordance with Idaho Code, the Office of Highway Safety (OHS) charges for each copy of a crash report, if applicable. The charge is $7.00 plus handling.

The Office of Highway Safety is under the Division of Engineering Products and Plans of the Idaho Transportation Department and works closely with other Department sections and districts to promote safe driving behaviors and improve the safety of roadways on the state highway system.

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Most people who go online have mainly positive experiences. But, like any endeavor — attending school, cooking, riding a bicycle, or traveling — there are some risks and annoyances. The online world, like the rest of society, is made up of a wide array of people. The vast majority are decent and respectful, but some may be rude, obnoxious, insulting, or even mean and exploitative. Children and teens get a lot of benefit from being online, but they can also be targets of harassment and, though rare, even exploitation and crime, in this as in any other environment. Even children who are tech-savvy may need a little help in navigating the emotional and social risks of being in a public space like the Internet.  And parents — even those who may be technologically challenged — continue to have a crucial role to play in guiding their children and helping them sort out and deal with the stresses of life, both online and offline.

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